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Author(s): Knorr, Thorsten (Hamburg)
[German version] (Φαρμακίδες; Pharmakídes). According to Paus. 9,11,2, old images of women called Pharmakides ('enchantresses')were displayed at Thebes. According to the Thebans; they had prevented the birth of Hercules [1]  at the behest of Hera. The Pharmakides of Theban local myth are evidently to be identified with Eileithyia and with the Moirae (Moira), who were probably also depicted as Pharmakides on the Cypselus chest (Paus. 5,18,2) [1]. This is supported by the fact that the latter were honoured at Thebes with their own temple (Paus. 9,25,4). Knorr, Thorsten (Hamburg) Bibli…


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Author(s): Knorr, Thorsten (Hamburg)
[German version] (Πετραῖος/ Petraîos, Lat. Petraeus). One of the Centaurs (Hes. Sc. 185). A Centaur of the same name fights against the Indians (Nonnus Dion. 14,189). P. is killed by Peirithous (Ov. Met. 12,330f.). Ancient iconography: François Vase (CIG IV 8185c); black-figured Attic kantharos from Vulci (CIG IV 7383); black-figured oinochoe from Camirus ([1. 286 B 623]; on the other hand: [2. 38f.]); mixing-bowl depicting the battle between Caeneus and the Centaurs: [3. 113 Fig. 112]. Lapithae Knorr, Thorsten (Hamburg) Bibliography 1 H.B. Walters, Cat. of the Greek and E…


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Author(s): Knorr, Thorsten (Hamburg)
[German version] (Περσέπτολις; Perséptolis). Son of Telemachus; Polycaste [2] (Hellanicus of Lesbos FGrH 4 F 156) and Nausicaa (ibid.) are named as his mother. The lineage of the Attic rhetor Andocides [1] can be traced back to the connection between Telemachus and Nausicaa, and therefore possibly to P. (Hellanicus FGrH 4 F 170c). Knorr, Thorsten (Hamburg)


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Author(s): Knorr, Thorsten (Hamburg) | Ameling, Walter (Jena)
(Φιλάμμων; Philámmōn). [German version] [1] Singer and lyrist Mythical singer and lyrist of Delphi, a son of Apollo (Pherecydes of Athens FGrH 3 F 120); his mother is variously given as Philonis (ibid.), Chione [2] (Ov. Met. 11,316f.) and Leuconoe [1] (Hyg. Fab. 161). His sons - for whom there are also other genealogical backgrounds - were Thamyris (Eur. Rhes. 916; 925) and Eumolpus (Theoc. 24,108). At Delphi, P. is said to have introduced choirs of virgins (Pherecydes loc. cit.) and choirs within the t…