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United Kingdom

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Author(s): Busse, Wilhelm | Baumann, Uwe (Bonn RWG) | Kuhn-Chen, Barbara (Gießen RWG)
Busse, Wilhelm I. Middle Ages (CT) [German version] A. Introduction (CT) Collective memory of the end of Roman rule in Britain clearly became associated early on with a myth in Anglo-Saxon England: "This year [AD 418] the Romans collected all the hoards of gold that were in Britain; and some they hid in the earth, so that no man afterwards might find them, and some they carried away with them into Gaul" ( Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, sub anno 418). To the Anglo-Saxon mind, burying treasure was equivalent to relinquishing power. The Roman renunciation of rule thus became the …


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Author(s): Näf, Beat (Zürich RWG) | Kuhn-Chen, Barbara (Gießen RWG) | Höcker, Christoph (Kissing) | Stroszeck, Jutta (Athens) | Zervoudaki, Eos (Athens)
Näf, Beat (Zürich RWG) [German version] I. History and interpretation (CT) Näf, Beat (Zürich RWG) [German version] A. Introduction (CT) Among the great places of antiquity that are of decisive importance for the culture and heritage of the western world, Athens (A.) plays a most important role. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the historical influence of Rome is greater. Since time immemorial Jerusalem, in particular, has been in competition with A. with respect to the question of which city was the foundation…


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Author(s): Kipf, Stefan | Kuhn-Chen, Barbara (Gießen RWG) | Eickhoff, Birgit (Gießen RWG)
Kipf, Stefan I. The Use of Media in Education (CT) [German version] A. The Significance and Function of Media (CT) Media are of central importance in education. Their main function consists in transmitting information and intensifying and supporting the teaching and learning processes. They are "vehicles of interaction that (...) step into action by supporting or conveying communication (...) or by managing communication in the teaching and learning process" [7. 72]. Media not only serve for diversion and loosenin…

United States and Canada

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Author(s): Buschendorf, Christa | Kuhn-Chen, Barbara (Gießen RWG) | Evans, James
Buschendorf, Christa I. The Colonial Period until the New Republic (1607-1820) (CT) A. The Colonial Period (1607-1763) (CT) [German version] 1. History and Social Development (CT) The history of the English continental colonies took place quite differently in the three main regions: the South Atlantic to the south, New England to the north, and the Mid-Atlantic region. Buschendorf, Christa [German version] 1.1 The South (CT) The settlement of the South, beginning with the foundation of Jamestown (1607), was first and foremost an economic undertaking, initiat…