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Author(s): Seeher, Jürgen (Istanbul) | Starke, Frank (Tübingen)
This item can be found on the following maps: Writing | Asia Minor | Asia Minor | Mesopotamia | Aegean Koine [German version] I. City, archaeological Capital of the Hittites in central Asia Minor near Boğazkale (earlier Boğazköy), province Çorum, c. 150 km east of Ankara, Turkey. Sporadically settled since the Chalcolithic (6th millennium BC), Ḫ. was the location of an Assyrian trading colony ( kārum;  Kaneš) next to a native Hatti settlement in the 19th/18th cents. BC. The city was destroyed around 1700 BC; from Ḫattusili I (around 1600 BC), it was the sea…