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Women painters

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Author(s): Koch, Nadia Justine (Tübingen)
[German version] Painting (γραφική/ graphikḗ) appears to have been one of the few 'arts' (τέχναι/ téchnai) that could also be practised successfully by women (cf. Women authors; Female musicians). The vocational description ὁ/ἡ ζωγράφος/ zōgráphos ('male / female painter of living things') is attested on one occasion for a female painter (Phot. p. 149b 29-38), whilst no feminine counterpart for the more common γραφεύς/ grapheús ('painter') has been passed down to us. We would therefore have to regard the women trained in this téchnē as a negligible marginal phenomenon if it we…


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Author(s): Koch, Nadia Justine (Tübingen) | Höcker, Christoph (Kissing) | Neudecker, Richard (Rome)
[German version] I. Introduction Polychromy is a term of modern art theory for the phenomenon of colour composition in sculpture, relief, architecture and pots and tablets of clay, stone, etc. It is the opposite of monochromy (Monochromata, Ornaments, Painting, Pigments). The Greek adjectives polýchroos (πολύχροος) and polychrṓmatos (πολυχρώματος), which denote material (Emp. fr. B23 DK) or surface (Aristot. Gen. an. 785b 19) polymorphy, are not terms of ancient art terminology [5. 38, 129 ff.]. Rather the procedures of coloration are named…


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Author(s): Koch, Heidemarie (Marburg) | Koch, Nadia Justine (Tübingen)
[German version] I. Terminology The modern term perspective has its origin in the concept of ars perspectiva expounded by L.B. Alberti in 1435 in his treatise De Pictura (1,18-21) [1]. According to this, the painter gazes through a window at an object which is traced and then located in three dimensions in an empty 'spatial box'. The outline visible on the plane of the window is the perspectival projection [8. 121; 10. 79-82]. Ancient theory of art has no equivalent for the term perspective, since it has no concept of an …


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Author(s): Koch, Nadia Justine (Tübingen)
[German version] I. Conceptual and linguistic aspects The Greek term παράδειγμα ( parádeigma; Latin exemplum, exemplar, 'authoritative model') is recorded from the middle of the 6th cent. BC: on a 5 m long section of wall in the tunnel of Eupalinus on Samos, there is an inscription ΠΑΡΑΔΕΓΜΑ. Whether this was to indicate a model or prototype, and if so which, is not yet conclusively clear [6; 4]. The meaning of the noun derived from παραδείκνυμι/ paradeíknymi ('exhibit side by side', cf. Isoc. Or. 12,39; Philostr. VA 7,1) always implies a comparison. Koch, Nadia Justine (Tübingen) …