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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne)
[German version] [1] Alleged mistress of Catilinarian Q. Curius From a noble family, friend and alleged mistress (perhaps because of defamatory accounts) of Catilinarian Q. Curius [3]. She informed Cicero of the conspiracy (Sall. Catil. 23,3-4; 26,3; 28,2). Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) [German version] [2] Wife of Clodius Pulcher, then of C. Sempronius Curio ans finally of M. Antonius Daughter of M.  Fulvius [I 1] Bambalio and Sempronia, date of birth unknown, married until 52 BC to  Clodius [I 4] Pulcher, until 49 to C.  Scribonius Curio and then to Marcus…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne) | Robbins, Emmet (Toronto)
[German version] [1] Aunt of C. Iulius Caesar, wife of C. Marius, 2nd/1st cent. BC Paternal aunt of C. Iulius  Caesar; between 115 and 109 BC, she married C. Marius, with whom she had a son named C. Marius ( cos. 82; Plut. Marius 6,3; Plut. Caesar 1,1; Sall. Hist. 1,35 Maur). There is almost no information regarding I.'s life. On the occasion of her death in 68, Caesar held a large funeral ceremony (Suet. Iul. 6,1; Plut. Caesar 5,1). Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) [German version] [2] Daughter of L. Iunius [I 5] Caesar, mother of triumvir M. Antonius Daughter of L. Iulius [I 5] Caesar and Fulvia (d…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) | Hanslik, Rudolf (Vienna)
[German version] [1] Livia Iulia Livilla in Suet. Tib. 62,1; Claud. 1,6; 3,2. Daughter of Nero Claudius [II 24] Drusus and Antonia [4] Minor. Her grandmother Livia [2] took her into her house after 9 BC. In 1 BC she was married to C. Iulius [II 32] Caesar (Zon. 10,36), after his death in AD 4 with Drusus [II 1], son of Tiberius (Tac. Ann. 4,40,4). When Drusus died in AD 23, L. established and deepened her involvement with Aelius [II 19] Seianus, who wanted to keep the sons of her rival Agrippina [2…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[German version] [1] Mother of Augustus, niece of Caesar Daughter of M. Attius Balbus of Aricia and Iulia, Caesar's sister. Her marriage to C. Octavius produced two children, Octavia minor and in the year 63 BC C. Octavius, the later Augustus (Suet. Aug. 4,1). After the death of her husband in 59/8 she married L. Marcius Philippus. She died in 43/42, and was honoured by Octavian with a public burial (Suet. Aug. 61,2; Cass. Dio 47,17,6). Tacitus (Dial. 28,5) praises A. because of her devoted education of her son as an example for the mos maiorum. In Octavian's battle for power in the state…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne)
I. Republican period [German version] [I 1] Mother of the Gracchi Younger daughter of P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus and Aemilia Tertia, b. c. 190 BC; c. 176/5 she married Tiberius  Sempronius Gracchus. Of her 12 children only three survived early childhood: Tiberius, Gaius and Sempronia. C. is known as ‘Mother of the Gracchi’ (CIL VI 31610), with whose politics she was already associated in antiquity [1. 108-120; 127; 2. 48-89]. In a partly popular, partly elite tradition, the sources give an uneven picture of C.'s views and influence. She…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne) | Hanslik, Rudolf (Vienna) | Schwemer, Anna Maria (Tübingen)
[German version] [1] First spouse of M.  Antonius [I 9] Daughter of C. Antonius Hybrida, cousin and spouse of M.  Antonius [I 9], who divorced her in 47 BC under the pretext of adultery with P. Cornelius Dolabella (Cic. Phil. 2,99; Plut. Ant. 9,1-2). Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) [German version] [2] Daughter of A. [1] and of M.  Antonius [I 9], wife of Pythodorus of Tralleis Daughter of A. [1] and of M.  Antonius [I 9],  between 54 and 49 BC; already 44 engaged to the son of the triumvir Aemilius Lepidus, after the disintegration of this political union her f…


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Author(s): Prescendi, Francesca (Geneva) | Badian, Ernst (Cambridge, MA) | Ameling, Walter (Jena) | Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) | Mehl, Andreas (Halle/Saale) | Et al.
(Κλεοπάτρα; Kleopátra, Lat. Cleopatra). I. Mythology [German version] [I 1] Daughter of Boreas and Oreithyia Daughter of  Boreas and  Oreithyia, first wife of  Phineus. C. was rejected in favour of  Idaea [3], whom Phineus married as his second wife; her sons were blinded (Apollod. 3.200; Hyg. Fab. 18). Prescendi, Francesca (Geneva) [German version] [I 2] Daughter of Idas and Marpessa Daughter of  Idas and  Marpessa, wife of  Meleager. After her abduction by Apollo she was also called ‘Alcyone’ after her mother's …


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Author(s): Lippold, A. (0) | Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[German version] Amalaswintha, daughter of  Theoderic the Gr.; her father provided A. with a good education (cf. Cassiod. Var. 11,1,6 f.) and married her in 515 to the West Goth Eutharic (died before 526) (Chron. min. 2,160; Iord. Get. 174; 251; 298). A.'s son Athalaricus ( 518 or 516) was named king by Theoderic in 526, A. took over the regency (Iord. Get. 251; Procop. Goth. 5,2,1-3). Beginnings of a politics, which attempted at its heart under ‘provisional’ preservation of the basic principles of Theoderic (Cassiod. Var. 8,1-8) to ensure a peaceful life for the population on the basis of c…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne)
[German version] [1] Granddaughter of Sulla, second wife of Casesar Granddaughter of Cornelius [I 90] Sulla, sister of Q. Pompeius [I 6] Rufus. From 67 BC onwards, the second wife of Caesar (Plut. Caesar 5). Within the context of the Bona Dea scandal, Caesar separated from her in 62, alleging that he suspected P. of infidelity (Cic. Att. 1,13,3; Plut. Caesar 10,8-9; Plut. Cicero 29,9; Suet. Iul. 6,3; 74,2; Cass. Dio 37,45,2). Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) [German version] [2] Daughter of Pompeius Magnus Daughter of Pompeius [I 3] Magnus and Mucia Tertia, engaged to be married to …

Mucia Tertia

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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[German version] Daughter of Q. Mucius [I 9] Scaevola, a close relative of Q. Caecilius [I 22] Metellus Celer and Q. Caecilius [I 29] Metellus Nepos. From 80/79 BC the third wife of Cn.Pompeius, with whom she had three children: Gnaeus, Sextus and Pompeia (Ascon. p. 19f. Clark). Pompey divorced M. late in 62, purportedly for her extra-marital affairs, specifically with Caesar (Plut. Pompeius 42,13; Suet. Iul. 50,1; Zon. 10,5), but probably for political reasons, on his return from the east (Cass. …
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