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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[German version] [1] From c. 104 BC spouse of Q. Servilius Caepio, later married to M. Porcius Cato Daughter of M. Livius [I 6] Drusus and Cornelia; sister of M. Livius [I 7] Drusus, from c. 104 BC spouse of Q. Servilius Caepio and mother of Servilia (later mother of M. Iunius [I 10] Brutus); divorced after the quarrel of her husband with her brother. Issue from her second marriage (about 98) with M. Porcius Cato was M. Porcius Cato Uticensis and a daughter. She died about 92 (Plut. Cato min. 1,1; Val. Max. 3,1,2) Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) Bibliography Drumann/Groebe, vol. 4, 19-20 Münzer 1, 295f. …


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[German version] A highly educated woman from Miletus known for her persuasive powers, who probably came to Athens early in the 440s; the wife of  Pericles, with whom she had a son also named Pericles. After Pericles' death in 429 she consorted with the livestock trader  Lysicles (Plut. Pericles 24,2-6; Schol. Pl. Menex. 235e, Harpocr. s.v. Aspasia; Suda. s.v. A.). The date of her death (in Athens?) is unknown, biographical data is sparse. Her contact to the intellectual greats of the age (Plut. Pericles 24,2; 5-7; Suda s.v. A.; Harpocr. s.v. A.) was filled in by th…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[German version] [1] Sister of Clodius [4], wife of Q. Caecilius [I 22] Metellus Celer Born c. 94 BC, daughter of Ap. Claudius [I 23], sister of P.  Clodius [I 4] Pulcher, married to Q. Caecilius [I 22] Metellus Celer. In the opinion of most of the ancients (Plut. Cic. 29,2,-4; Quint. 6,3,25; 8,6,53; schol. Bob. 135-6 Stangl) and modern authors [1. 53-56] C. is an attractive, but ‘immoral’ courtesan, originating from a well-to-do family [2], which is sometimes based on the plausible identification of C. with Le…


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Author(s): Strothmann, Meret (Bochum) | Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) | Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[German version] [1] C. Gaia Wife of Tarquinius Priscus Wife of  Tarquinius Priscus (Fest. p. 276); in Plin. HN 8,194 and Paul. Fest. s.v. G.C. p. 85 L., her name is  Tanaquil (refer [1]). Her name links her to the goddess Gaia and thus with wedding rites. For the connection with the ager Tarquiniorum cf. Liv. 2,5; Dion. Hal. Ant. Rom. 5,13,2-4, with the river god Tiber [2. 378-83]. For the name C. [2. 382]. Strothmann, Meret (Bochum) Bibliography 1 R. Thomsen, King Servius Tullius, 1980, Index s.v. Tanaquil 2 A. Momigliano, Roma Arcaica, 1989, 371-83 (with all sources). …


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[English version] [1] Mutter des Augustus, Nichte Caesars Tochter des M. Attius Balbus aus Aricia und der Iulia, der Schwester Caesars. Aus ihrer Ehe mit C. Octavius gingen zwei Kinder hervor, Octavia minor und im J. 63 v.Chr. C. Octavius, der spätere Augustus (Suet. Aug. 4,1). Nach dem Tode ihres Ehemannes im J. 59/8 heiratete A.L.Marcius Philippus. Sie starb im J. 43/42, von Octavian mit einer öffentlichen Bestattung geehrt (Suet. Aug. 61,2; Cass. Dio 47,17,6). Tacitus (dial. 28,5) lobt A. wegen der hingebungsvollen Erziehung ihres Sohnes als Beispiel für den mos maiorum. Beim Kampf…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[English version] [1] Ab ca. 104 v. Chr. Gattin des Q. Servilius Caepio, dann des M. Porcius Cato Tochter des M. Livius [I 6] Drusus und einer Cornelia; Schwester des M. Livius [I 7] Drusus, seit ca. 104 v.Chr. Gattin des Q. Servilius Caepio und Mutter der Servilia (der späteren Mutter des M. Iunius [I 10] Brutus); nach dem Zerwürfnis des Ehemannes mit ihrem Bruder geschieden. Aus ihrer zweiten Ehe (seit ca. 98) mit M. Porcius Cato gingen M. Porcius Cato Uticensis und eine Tochter hervor. Sie starb etwa 92 (Plut. Cato min. 1,1; Val. Max. 3,1,2) Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) Bibliography Drumann/Gr…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne)
[German version] [1] Alleged mistress of Catilinarian Q. Curius From a noble family, friend and alleged mistress (perhaps because of defamatory accounts) of Catilinarian Q. Curius [3]. She informed Cicero of the conspiracy (Sall. Catil. 23,3-4; 26,3; 28,2). Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) [German version] [2] Wife of Clodius Pulcher, then of C. Sempronius Curio ans finally of M. Antonius Daughter of M.  Fulvius [I 1] Bambalio and Sempronia, date of birth unknown, married until 52 BC to  Clodius [I 4] Pulcher, until 49 to C.  Scribonius Curio and then to Marcus…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne) | Robbins, Emmet (Toronto)
[German version] [1] Aunt of C. Iulius Caesar, wife of C. Marius, 2nd/1st cent. BC Paternal aunt of C. Iulius  Caesar; between 115 and 109 BC, she married C. Marius, with whom she had a son named C. Marius ( cos. 82; Plut. Marius 6,3; Plut. Caesar 1,1; Sall. Hist. 1,35 Maur). There is almost no information regarding I.'s life. On the occasion of her death in 68, Caesar held a large funeral ceremony (Suet. Iul. 6,1; Plut. Caesar 5,1). Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) [German version] [2] Daughter of L. Iunius [I 5] Caesar, mother of triumvir M. Antonius Daughter of L. Iulius [I 5] Caesar and Fulvia (d…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn) | Hanslik, Rudolf (Vienna)
[German version] [1] Livia Iulia Livilla in Suet. Tib. 62,1; Claud. 1,6; 3,2. Daughter of Nero Claudius [II 24] Drusus and Antonia [4] Minor. Her grandmother Livia [2] took her into her house after 9 BC. In 1 BC she was married to C. Iulius [II 32] Caesar (Zon. 10,36), after his death in AD 4 with Drusus [II 1], son of Tiberius (Tac. Ann. 4,40,4). When Drusus died in AD 23, L. established and deepened her involvement with Aelius [II 19] Seianus, who wanted to keep the sons of her rival Agrippina [2…


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Author(s): Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[German version] [1] Mother of Augustus, niece of Caesar Daughter of M. Attius Balbus of Aricia and Iulia, Caesar's sister. Her marriage to C. Octavius produced two children, Octavia minor and in the year 63 BC C. Octavius, the later Augustus (Suet. Aug. 4,1). After the death of her husband in 59/8 she married L. Marcius Philippus. She died in 43/42, and was honoured by Octavian with a public burial (Suet. Aug. 61,2; Cass. Dio 47,17,6). Tacitus (Dial. 28,5) praises A. because of her devoted education of her son as an example for the mos maiorum. In Octavian's battle for power in the state…
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