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Author(s): Dohmen, Christoph
[German Version] The label “aniconic” applies to religions and their cults that make do without images – primarily anthropomorphic and theriomorphic images of deities; “natural” cultic objects such as (undressed) monumental stones, trees, etc. are not related to images but are associated with traditions of sacred places. In aniconic cults, the relationship wit…

Sinai/Sinai Traditions

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Author(s): Dohmen, Christoph
[German Version] The Old Testament combines the name Sinai (Heb. סִינַי) with the words mountain and wilderness; this shows that it is a geographical place, but its precise location is uncertain. The events associated with Sinai (YHWH’s theophany and gift of the Torah) are the focus of interest, as the alternative names also show (Horeb/Mountain of God). The earliest recorded identification of Sinai with Jebel Musa, a 2285m peak in the mountainous southern massif of the Sinai Peninsula, is associated with Chris…


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Author(s): Terrin, Aldo Natale | Dohmen, Christoph | Schunack, Gerd | Figal, Günter | Jeanrond, Werner G. | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies – II. Old Testament – III. New Testament – IV. Philosophy – V. Fundamental Theology – VI. Ethics – VII. Practical Theology – VIII. Cultural History I. Religious Studies The classical questions of hermeneutics concern the problems of understanding within a historical context that includes both what is to be interpreted and the one who is interpreting. The latter's horizon of understanding is effective as pre-understanding in dealing with documents of the past, whose history of influen…