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Author(s): Plathow, Michael
[German Version] is the theological term for the way God sustains the being of creation through time (Creatio continua). Despite human sin, God sustains his creation faithfully and patiently until redemption comes with the advent of Christ. Conservatio includes an aspect of innovation in the pneumatological context of an eschatological perspective. In the “classical” doctrine of providence, conservatio has its place before concursus Dei and gubernatio, as also in the work of such theologians as K. Barth and E. Schlink. In the coherence framework of …


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Author(s): Plathow, Michael
[German Version] ( permissio) in the doctrine of providence emphasizes God’s effective role, especially in gov-¶ ernment ( gubernatio) – as distinct from the modes of hindrance and restriction ( impeditio and determinatio), and direction ( directio) – in recognizing the independence of his creatures, even when this is a possible basis for evil, sin, and suffering, including the risk of claims to independence of God (Ps 81:13; Rom 1:24, 28). Permission is linked to the problem of theodicy. God does not will evil, sin, and suffering, even if they occur with…

Concursus Dei

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Author(s): Plathow, Michael


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Author(s): Friedli, Richard | Cancik-Lindemaier, Hildegard | Bosman, Hendrik | Söding, Thomas | Plathow, Michael | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies Certainty is a fundamental human need. The answers given by religions to unsettling experiences cover a broad cultural spectrum. The issue is (1) to foresee fate as much as p…