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Author(s): Junk, Tim (Kiel)
(Πέλωρ(ος)/ Pélōr(os), 'enormous'). [German version] [1] One of the five surviving Sparti One of the five surviving  Sparti (schol. Pind. Isthm. 1,41; schol. Eur. Phoen. 670; schol. Apoll. Rhod. 3,1179; Apollod. 3,4,1; Paus. 9,5,3; Hyg. Fab. 178). Junk, Tim (Kiel) [German version] [2] Eponym of the Thessalian harvest festival Eponym of the Thessalian harvest festival Pelṓria. P. brings Pelasgus news that the Peneius has broken through the Tempe Mountains as the result of an earthquake. In thanks he is entertained lavishly by the Thessalians (Athen. …


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Author(s): Junk, Tim (Kiel)
[German version] (Σίθων/ Síthōn). Thracian king (Tzetz. on Lycoph. 583; 1161; 1356), prince of the Odomanti (Parthenius 6) or of the Chersonesus [1] (Conon FGrH 26 F 10). Eponym of the Sithones. Son of Ares (Tzetz. l.c.) or Poseidon and Ossa (Conon l.c.). With Mendeis (Conon l.c.) or Neilus' daughter Achiroe or Anchinoe (Tzetz. l.c.), he had daughters Pallene [2] (Parthenios l.c.; Conon l.c.) and Rhoetea (Tzetz. l.c.). S. has the suitors of Pallene fight one another, until only Dryas [4] and Cleitu…


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Author(s): Junk, Tim (Kiel)
(Πεισήνωρ; Peisḗnōr). [German version] [1] Father of Ops and grandfather of Euryclea Father of Ops [2] and grandfather of Euryclea (Hom. Od. 1,429). Junk, Tim (Kiel) [German version] [2] Herald of Telemachus Herald of Telemachus (Hom. Od. 2,38; Eust. ad Hom. Od. 2,37, p. 1432,46). Junk, Tim (Kiel) [German version] [3] Trojan Trojan, father of Cleitus [3] (Hom. Il. 15,445). Junk, Tim (Kiel) [German version] [4] Suitor of Penelope One of the suitors of Penelope, from Same (Apollod. Epit. 7,28). Junk, Tim (Kiel) [German version] [5] Lycian, father of Chlemon Lycian, father of Chlemon (Q…


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Author(s): Junk, Tim (Kiel)
[German version] (Φαιά/ Phaiá, 'the grey one', Φαῖα/ Phaîa according to Steph. Byz.). Theseus kills a sow of supernatural strength near Krommyon (first mentioned in Bacchyl. 18(17), 23-25, then Diod. Sic. 4,59,4). Her name P. is only stated later (Plut. Theseus 9; Apollod. Epit. 1,1; Paus. 2,1,3). According to Plutarch, Ph. may originally have been a female robber vanquished by Theseus. According to Apollodorus, the sow is descended from Echidna and Typhon (Typhoeus) and is named after her wet nurse wit…


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Author(s): Junk, Tim (Kiel)
[German version] Son of Lavinia [2] and Aeneas [1] (Verg. Aen. 6,760-766), who at the time of S.' birth is very old ( ibid. 6,763-764) or already dead (Gell. NA 2,16,3-10). Lavinia has to flee from Ascanius (Iulus) into the woods. There S. is born and raised by shepherds. After the death of Ascanius, S. prevails in a popular vote against Ascanius' son Iulus and becomes king of Alba Longa (Diod. Sic. 7,5,8; Dion. Hal. Ant. Rom. 1,70,1-3; Origo gentis Romanae 17,4). The birth in the forest is also mentioned in Verg. Aen…


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Author(s): Junk, Tim (Kiel) | Parker, Robert (Oxford)
(Πλουτώ; Ploutṓ). [German version] [1] Mother of Tantalus (by Zeus) Mother of Tantalus by Zeus (Antoninus Liberalis 36,2; Hyg. Fab. 82 and 155; Paus. 2,22,3; according to scholion Eur. Or. 5 by Tmolus); also daughter of Kronos (scholion Pind. Ol. 3,41), Berecyntian nymph (Nonnus, Dion. 48,729-731). According to Clemens Romanus (in Rufin. recognitiones 10,21,7 and 10,23,1) the mother of Tantalus is called Plutis or Plute and is the daughter of Atlas. Junk, Tim (Kiel) [German version] [2] One of the Oceanids One of the Oceanids (Hes. Theog. 355), companion of Persephone (Hom. h. 2,422). Ju…


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Author(s): Junk, Tim (Kiel) | Lienau, Cay (Münster) | Meyer, Ernst (Zürich)
[German version] [1] Danaid (Πειρήνη/ Peirḗnē). One of the Danaids (Danaus), married to Dolichus (Hyg. Fab. 170) or Agaptolemus (Apollod. 2,1,5). Junk, Tim (Kiel) [German version] [2] Eponym of the spring of the same name in Corinthus (Πειρήνη/ Peirḗnē, Πειράνα/ Peirána). Junk, Tim (Kiel) [German version] I. Mythology Eponym} of the spring of the same name in Corinthus. Her parents are named as river gods such as Asopus [2] and Metope [2] (Diod. Sic. 4,72,1) and Achelous [2] (Paus. 2,2,3), sometimes also Oebalus [1] (the 'Great Ehoiai' according to Paus. loc. cit.). She is the mother …


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Author(s): Junk, Tim (Kiel) | Zimmermann, Bernhard (Freiburg) | Engels, Johannes (Cologne) | Schmitt, Tassilo (Bielefeld) | Hurschmann, Rolf (Hamburg) | Et al.
(Πύθων/ Pýthōn). [German version] [1] Dragon killed by Apollo near Delphi An enormous dragon killed by Apollo near Delphi with his arrows. The oldest version of the story is offered by H. Hom. 3,300-374: Apollo overcomes a female dragon who perpetrates her mischief in the vicinity of Delphi and into whose care Hera had given her son Typhon (Typhoeus, Typhon). The town and the god receive the nickname Pythṓ (cf. also the name of the female seer at Delphi, Pythía [1]) from its decaying (πύθεσθαι/ pýthesthai) corpse. According to Eur. IT 1245-1252, the dragon is male and guards the…


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Author(s): Junk, Tim (Kiel) | Nesselrath, Heinz-Günther (Göttingen) | Matthaios, Stephanos (Cologne) | Gärtner, Hans Armin (Heidelberg) | Damschen, Gregor (Halle/Saale) | Et al.
(Φιλήμων; Philḗmōn). [German version] [1] Husband of Baukis Husband of Baucis. Junk, Tim (Kiel) [German version] [2] Writer of the Attic New Comedy, c. 300 BC Son of Damon of Syracuse [1. test. 1, 11], became (before 307/6 BC; cf. [1. test. 15]) an Athenian citizen [1. test. 2-12. 15]. Important writer of Attic New Comedy with his stage debut several years before Menander [4] (before 328: [1. test. 2]); it is uncertain whether this somewhat earlier chronology or the different nature of his plays led to P. once being call…