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Author(s): Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) | Eck, Werner (Köln) | Groß-Albenhausen, Kirsten (Frankfurt/Main) | Leppin, Hartmut (Hannover) | Gatti, Paolo (Trient) | Et al.
Röm. Cogn., das urspr. wohl bes. Verdienste (etwa Plut. Pompeius 13,11) oder Reihenfolge in der Geburt ( maximus natus) bezeichnet. Erblich in republikanischer Zeit in den patrizischen Familien der Valerii und (seit den Samnitenkriegen) der Fabii (Fabius [I 21-30; II 13-14]), später auch in weiteren Gentes (Carvilius [3-4]; Übersicht über die Namensträger [1. 2539]). S. auch Maximos. Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) [English version] [1] Senator, wohl identisch mit S. Quintilius Valerius Maximus Senator, der nach Plinius (epist. 8,24,7) von Traianus nach Achaia gesa…


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Author(s): Nutton, Vivian (London) | Damschen, Gregor (Halle/Saale) | Baumbach, Manuel (Zürich) | Wermelinger, Otto (Fribourg) | Bleckmann, Bruno (Strasbourg) | Et al.
[German version] I. Greek (Μαρκελλῖνος; Markellînos). [German version] [I 1] Greek author of a treatise on pulses, 2nd cent. AD?, [1] Greek author of a treatise on pulses. His reference to followers of Archigenes suggests the late 1st or 2nd cent. AD as the earliest date of its composition. A more precise dating would be possible if he were the author of a recipe quoted by Galen (De compositione medicamentorum secundum locos 7,5 = 13,90 K.) from Andromachus [5] the Younger, but the identification is uncertain. M.'s …


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Author(s): Trapp, Michael (London) | Hübner, Wolfgang (Münster) | Brisson, Luc (Paris) | Leppin, Hartmut (Hannover) | Savvidis, Kyriakos (Bochum) | Et al.
[German version] I. Greek (Μάξιμος; Máximos) [German version] [I 1] Maximus of Tyre Author of lectures mainly on ethics and theology, 2nd cent. AD, [1] Maximus of Tyrus AD 2nd cent.; author of 41 short dialéxeis (lectures), according to the most important MS (Cod. Parisinus graecus 1962) delivered in Rome (the Suda dates a visit to the reign of Commodus, AD 180-191). His concepts are simple yet rhetorically sophisticated (frequent use of comparisons, quotations from poetry, mythological and historical examples); his main topic is…
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