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Author(s): W.T.
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Theatre | Hellenistic states | Lycii, Lycia | Pergamum | Delian League | Aegean Koine (Τελ(ε)μησσός/ Tel(e)mēssós or Τελμίσσος/ Telmíssos; Lycian Telebehi). Dynast residence, then polis in West Lycia, near present-day Fethiye (formerly Makri). Bronze Age traces [1]; significant since the 5th cent. BC (archaeological evidence; Lycian inscription TAM 1, 1-5; coins), member of the Delian League (ATL list 9, col. 3, line 33; list A 9, col. 1, line 130); ruled by the dynasty at Xanthus [4] from c. 420 BC. Shortly before 400 BC…


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Author(s): Stenger, Jan (Kiel) | Robbins, Emmet (Toronto) | Högemann, Peter (Tübingen) | W.T.
(Ξάνθος/ Xánthos). [German version] [1] Name of several figures in Greek mythology Name of several male figures in Greek mythology: 1) Son of Phaenops [2], who was killed by Diomedes [1] at the gates of Troy (Hom. Il. 5,152-158). 2) Son of Triopas and Oreasis. X. received a part of Lycia; from there, he settled the deserted island of Lesbos (Diod. Sic. 5,81,2; Hyg. Fab. 145). 3) One of the sons of Aegyptus, who is killed by Arcadia, daughter of Danaus (Hyg. Fab. 170). 4) A son of Niobe (Pherecydes FGrH 3 F …