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Author(s): Brück, Michael v. | Nicol, Martin | Bäumer, Bettina | Mürmel, Heinz
[German Version] I. Religious Studies – II. Christianity – III. The Religions of India – IV. Buddhism I. Religious Studies Meditation is a general term for different, variously contextualized methods of training consciousness that are found in various religions. The term itself originated in the Platonic/Neoplatonic Christian tradition (Platonism, Neoplatonism), where it means “intensively focused thought.” The works of Hugh and Richard of St. Victor as well as Bonaventura and J. de Gerson treat meditation as a stage in the progress of the spiritual life: lectiomeditatio – ( o…

Lakshman Joo

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Author(s): Bäumer, Bettina
Swami Lakshman Joo (also called Lakshmanji Brahmacarin; 1907-1991) was the last master of the nondualist tradition of Kashmir Śaivism or Trika. He was a unique combination of scholar and saint, or yogī. After centuries of oblivion when the tradition was passed on exclusively in Kashmir, in Sanskrit and Kashmiri, he brought it to the scene of world spirituality and philosophy by teaching it to Indian and international students and scholars. In the words of the French Indologist L. Silburn, “I was working with the Swami Lakshma…
Date: 2020-05-18