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Author(s): Grethlein, Christian | Streck, Danilo | Koschorke, Klaus | Connell, Martin
[German Version] I. General – II. Latin America, Asia and Africa I. General Catechumenate is a term, derived from Gk κατήχειν/ katḗchein as used by Paul (e.g. Gal 6:6), for the institution through which the church, with reference to baptism, forges the necessary link between Christian faith and learning. It is found, after precursors in the scholarly Latin of the 16th and 17th centuries, in the early 19th century as a term for Early Church instruction, but it then quickly became the designation for programs of catechesis and church reform (Henkys). 1. Early Church baptismal catechu…


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Author(s): Connell, Martin
[German Version] (from Gk ἑορτή/ heortḗ, “festival,” and –λογία/ logía, “doctrine of”), discipline concerned with the history and meaning of Christian calendars (III) and their feasts and festivals (IV–VI). The year consists of two cycles: the sanctoral, which depends on calendrical dates, and the one oriented by seasons of the church year. The fundamental structure of the cycle oriented by the church year is defined by Sunday, the “Lord's Day.” The year encompasses two periods of time: the first period …