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Philip of Gortyna (Saint)

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Author(s): Greschat, Katharina
[German Version] Philip of Gortyna (Saint), bishop of Gortyna, Crete (c. 170). Eusebius of Caesarea ( Hist. eccl. IV 21; dependent on Eusebius, Jer. Vir. ill. 30; Thdt., Haereticarum fabularum compendium I 25) counts Philip among the Orthodox. Eusebius probably knows him only from the correspondence of Dionysius of Corinth, who mentions a letter to Philip (Eus. Hist. eccl. IV 23.5). It must remain an open question whether Philip, in the writing against Marcion (Marcion) also mentioned in Eusebius


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Author(s): Greschat, Katharina
[German Version] Miltiades, Greek apologist trained as a rhetor (Tert. Val. V 1; Eus. Hist. eccl. V 17.1). He probably came from Asia Minor (Jer. Vir. ill. 39) and wrote under Marcus Aurelius; none of his works survives. Besides a work against Valentinus (Tert. Val. V 1), there is evidence of a literary debate with Montanism against which he declared that “a prophet should not speak in ecstasy” (Eus. Hist. eccl. V 17.1). He also wrote a work in two books against the Hellenes and the Jews, and a defense of the Christian way of life (which he called a p…

Noetus of Smyrna

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Author(s): Greschat, Katharina
[German Version] Hippolytus, residing in Rome, knew the teaching of Noetus, who came from Smyrna (end of the 2nd cent.), but only through Noetus’s Roman students ( Haer. IX 7–10; X 26f.; derived from this: Epiph. Haer. 57; Philastrius of Brescia, Diversarum haereseon liber, 53; Theodoret, Haereticarum fabularum compendium, III 3). Noe…


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Author(s): Heller, Birgit | Gerstenberger, Erhard S. | Lichtenberger, Hermann | Greschat, Katharina | Markschies, Christoph | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies – II. Old Testament – III. Primitive Christianity – IV. Church History – V. Judaism – VI. Islam – VII. Asia, Africa, and Latin America – VIII. Social Sciences – IX. Psychology – X. Philosophy of Religion – XI. Practical Theology…


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Author(s): Greschat, Katharina
[German Version] came from Asia Minor and taught in Rome c. 180 as a disciple of Tatian (Eus. Hist. eccl. V 13.1–9). His works included a treatise against the Roman Marcionites (Marcion), whom he accused of divisiveness in thei…