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Mahling, Friedrich

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Author(s): Kumlehn, Martin
[German Version] (Feb 14, 1865, Frankfurt am Main – May 18, 1933, Berlin), Protestant theologian. Mahling studied in Marburg and elsewhere from 1883 to 1886 under W. Herrmann; in 1891 he became a pastor in Geinsheim in Hesse; in 1892 he became director of Hamburg City Mission; from 1904 he was a pastor in Frankfurt am Main. The focus of his activity was on Inland Mission, for whose founder J.H. Wichern he acted as publicist and editor. In 1908 the Kiel faculty of theology granted him an honorary d…

Sickel, Gustav Adolf Friedrich

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Author(s): Kumlehn, Martin
[German Version] (Apr 11, 1799, Athenstedt, near Halberstadt – Sep 30, 1865, Groß Rosenburg, Kreis Calbe), Protestant theologian and educator. After studying at Halle (1817–1820), he was appointed director of the teachers’ training college in Halberstadt. In 1829 he became director of the women’s college in Magdeburg. In 1836 he was appointed superintendent in Atzendorf, in 1849 superintendent in Calbe an der Saale. Beside many works on educational theory, he conceived a theory of preaching that h…

Church Studies

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Author(s): Kumlehn, Martin
[German Version] Cognizance of the current status of church life was already defined as a necessary constituent of theology in F.D.E. Schleiermacher's Kurze Darstellung des theologischen Studiums (1811). In scholarly practice, however the “task of compiling church statistics” ( op. cit., §32) was only begun roughly half a century later, when practical theology (III) succeeded in emancipating itself from the dogmatic and academic requirements of ecclesiology and was able to devote more attention to the empirical activities of the church. The discipline of church studies – the term K…


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Author(s): Wallmann, Johannes | Kumlehn, Martin
[German Version] I. Ethics The dichotomy of social and cultural reality in public and private spheres is characteristic of the modern life-world, and is the result of modern processes of change in social structure (Modernization). It is true that in the course of functional differentiation (Society: IV; V) essential ingredients of life, for instance work and vocation, are withdrawn from the private sector and transferred to the public one, but at the same time privacy centered on the family is assi…


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Author(s): Kumlehn, Martin
[German Version] 1. Georg (Sep 8, 1857, Haynau, Lower Silesia [today Chojnów] – Jul 24, 1936, Saarow), Dr.iur. From 1885 to 1889 he taught law in Tokyo, after which he was an administrative officer in the Prussian civil service. After World War I broke out, he headed the department of grain supply; after 1917 he served as Prussian state commissioner for the national food supply. At the instigation ¶ of the Supreme Army Command, the conservative Michaelis was appointed chancellor in July of 1917. The successful administrator was not up to this political job and ha…

Geography of Religion

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Author(s): Borsdorf, Axel | Kumlehn, Martin
[German Version] I. Religious Studies – II. Cultural History – III. Practical Theology I. Religious Studies The geography of religion examines the interrelationships between religion and its surroundings. Depending on one's perspective, it is a discipline within religious studies, a subdivision of cultural geography, or an interdisciplinary field drawing on both geography and religious studies. From the perspective of religious studies, it examines the influence of the surrounding world on ¶ particular aspects of religious ideas; from the perspective of geograph…