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Uhsadel, Walter Franz

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Author(s): Lachmann, Rainer
[German Version] (Jun 28, 1900, Danzig [Gdansk] – Jun 9, 1985, Hamburg) studied theology and education at Hamburg, Marburg, and Berlin from 1920 to 1924. He passed his first (1924) and second (1926) theological examinations in Hamburg, where he served as a pastor until 1944, then in Cuxhaven until 1950. After 1934 he was active in the Evangelische Michaelsbruderschaft, with which he remained connected throughout his lifetime. In 1938 he received his doctorate from Hamburg under Wilhelm Flitner wit…


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Author(s): Schweitzer, Friedrich | Lachmann, Rainer
[German Version] I. Dogmatics – II. Ethics – III. Education I. Dogmatics “Example” is not a term commonly used in dogmatics. It is probably most often used negatively in the context of Christology in order to preclude a merely ethical interpretation of the work of Christ (exemplary Christology): the “ salvific work” of Jesus Christ is at variance with every attempt to see him as a mere “ethical example” (Härle, 315). This remains true even though we find that…


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Author(s): Becker, Dieter | Gerstenberger, Erhard S. | Osiek, Carolyn | Klein, Birgit | Heun, Werner | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies – II. Old Testament – III. New Testament – IV. Medieval and Modern Judaism – V. The Law – VI. History and Sociology – VII. Social Ethics – VIII.  Socialization Theory – IX. Education – X. Practical Theology I. Religious Studies The term family describes a varied network of relationships between parents, children and other persons in a social system. In ethnically shaped small-scale societies, family groups are bearers of religious rituals (Rite and Ritual) and centers of religious community. Fa…

Kabisch, Richard

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Author(s): Lachmann, Rainer
[German Version] (May 21, 1868, Kemnitz near Greifswald – Oct 30, 1914, Flanders). The son of a Pomeranian pastor, he studied German language and literature as well as history from 1885, and then Protestant theology in Greifswald and Bonn. In 1889, he completed his doctorate and became curate in Saarbrücken. In 1891, he was appointed director of a Latin school in Altenkirchen, in 1892 he became lecturer in the seminary, and from 1903 to 1910 he was the director of the seminaries in Uetersen, Holstein, and later Prenzlau. In 1910, he became royal senior executive officer ( Regierungsrat) in …

Rochow, Friedrich Eberhard von

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Author(s): Lachmann, Rainer
[German Version] (Oct 11, 1734, Berlin – May 16, 1805, Gut Reckhan). From 1747 to 1749, Rochow attended a college for sons of the nobility, the Ritterakademie in Brandenburg; from 1750 to 1758 he pursued a military career, and in 1760 took over the family estates of Reckhan, Gettin, and Krahne in Brandenburg. There, among other activities, he was responsible for schools, and his attention was particularly drawn to neglect in the upbringing of children. This prompted him to develop a program for an…

Basedow, Johannes Bernhard

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Author(s): Lachmann, Rainer
[German Version] (Sep 11, 1724, Hamburg – Jul 25, 1790, Magdeburg) studied theology in Leipzig and Kiel after an unhappy childhood in humble conditions. From 1749 a private tutor, he was professor of morals and eloquence from 1753 to 1761, later theology professor at the Danish Academy for the Sons of Noblemen in Sorø. In 1761, he was relegated to the grammar …

School Bible

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Author(s): Lachmann, Rainer
[German Version] A school Bible is a Bible (V, 2) edition prepared for use in schools, replacing the complete Bible in the classroom. Any school Bible must include a variety of biblical content, remembering that it is designed for students studying in school. There are a large number of school Bibles under such titles (in German) as Bible Selections, Student Bible, Bible Stories, or Readings from the Bible; the variety is such that a selective definition is difficult. The various school Bibles run the gamut from maximum fidelity to the complete Bible to free re…

Fröbel, Friedrich

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Author(s): Lachmann, Rainer
[German Version] (Apr 21, 1782, Oberweißbach – Jun 21, 1852, Marienthal). educationist of Romanticism, considered the founder of the kindergarten and coiner of the word Kindergarten. After a rather unhappy childhood, schooling, and a two-year apprenticeship with a forester, Fröbel began studying the natural sciences in Jena in 1799. In 1802, he broke off his studies to take up work as a forester's assistant until 1805. Then he decided to study architecture in Frankfurt am Main, but he also abandoned this study and becam…

Religious Education

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Author(s): Grethlein, Christian | Lachmann, Rainer | Link, Christoph | Schröder, Bernd | Heine, Peter
[German Version] I. History Religious education (RE) in schools, in modern usage of the term (for RE in a broader sense see Christian doctrine classes, Confirmation classes), is the result of the general differentiation process that led to the promotion of religious learning beyond the contexts of family and worship. The schools of the European cultural sphere arose largely in the area of the church (School and church, Church schools, Monastery schools); for a long time, schooling was essentially based on religious texts. Since each country established its own particular forms…

Salzmann, Christian Gotthilf

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Author(s): Lachmann, Rainer
[German Version] (Jun 1, 1744, Sömmerda, Thuringia – Oct 31, 1811, Schnepfenthal), studied Protestant theology in Jena from 1761 to 1764, after which he assisted his father in his pastoral work and continued his own academic work, with a theological disputation at Erfurt in 1767 (cf. Lachmann). From 1768 to 1772 he served as a pastor in Rohrborn and from 1772 to 1780 in Erfurt; he was a successful pulpit orator, pastor, and school overseer. In 1780 he turned to teaching at J.B. Basedow’s Philanthr…

Popular Bible Editions

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Author(s): Lachmann, Rainer
[German Version] A popular Bible edition is a widely distributed book containing selections from the Bible, intended to make independent, intelligent Bible reading generally accessible. One of the earliest examples is the Vorauer Volksbibel (1467), although the German word Volksbibel (“people’s Bible,” “popular Bible”) is no longer in common use. The need for such popular editions became increasingly clear during the 19th century, as the Bible gradually ceased to be popular literature. In that context, the question of content, form, …