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Joseph, Father of Jesus

(738 words)

Author(s): Feldmeier, Reinhard | Schauerte, Thomas
[German Version] I. New Testament – II. Art I. New Testament The father of Jesus appears in the New Testament only in the birth and infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke; his name is confirmed by the two texts in John that speak of Jesus as the son of Joseph (1:45; 6:42). Despite the relatively late date of the evidence, there is no reason to doubt the historicity of Joseph, since the traditions regarding him are independent and could have received their information from the family of Jesus, which played …


(5,925 words)

Author(s): Kraus, Georg | Kinzig, Wolfram | Schlemmer, Karl | Plank, Peter | Schwier, Helmut | Et al.
[German Version] I. Terminology – II. Church History – III. Liturgy – IV. Customs and Traditions – V. Homiletics and Education – VI. Art History I. Terminology Easter (cf. Ger. Ostern) is the English word for the feast of Jesus Christ's resurrection (II). The name in other Germanic and Romance languages derives instead from Gk πάσχα/ páscha (Aram. פַּסְחָא/ pascha' or פִּסְחָא/ pischa' for Heb. פֶּסַח/ pesah. [from פסח/ psh., “limp/go past”, etymology not entirely clear]; Lat. as pascha or passa), for example, Påske (Danish and Norwegian), Pasen (Dutch), Påsk (Swedish), Pasqua (…