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Author(s): Schelbert, Georg
[German Version] represents the Greek transliteration (ἀββά) of the Aramaic address to God as Father in three bilingual invocations, Mark 14:36, Gal 4:6, and Rom 8:15. Since J. Jeremias explained it in 1953 as a unique, diminutive address to God in the language of small children, it has been attributed particular theological and christological significance as an e…

Aramaic, Biblical

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Author(s): Knauf, Ernst A. | Schelbert, Georg
[German Version] I. Old Testament – II. Aramaic Forms and Formulae in the New Testament I. Old Testament 1. Texts. a. In Gen 31:47 the Aramean Laban calls Jacob's “stone-heap of a witness,” Heb. gal'ed, or more aptly “stone-heap (or monument) of testimony,” yegar śāhadtāʾ. Biblical authors and their public can be assumed to have known at least this much Aramaic from the end of the 8th century bce onward, at the latest since the 7th century; although, to judge from its status in the LXX, the verse may be a gloss. b. Jer 10:11 is a marginal gloss on 10:12 …