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Poetae novelli

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Author(s): Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum)
[German version] Common term for Latin poets of the 2nd cent. AD although, as a consequence of new findings, this includes poets of the 3rd cent. AD (Alfius [4] Avitus, Annianus, Florus [1], Hadrianus [1], Septimius Serenus). The term is not an ancient one and is nowadays repudiated; it was taken by earlier scholars from the 'Metrics' of Terentianus Maurus (V. 1973; 2528) who generally compared earlier and later exemplary authors of the genre. The PN were initially and incorrectly regarded as a closely associated group or school who worked together, comparable to the N…


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Author(s): Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum)
[German version] Latin lyricist of the 2nd cent. AD, acquaintance of Aulus  Gellius with land ownership in agro Falisco (Gell. NA 6. 7; 9,10; 20,8), author of Fescennini and carmina Falisca (possibly 5 fr. = 12 vv. about viticulture in metrum Faliscum/Calabrion, Paroemiacus). As in lost contemporary poets (see Terentianus Maurus 1992 f.), a preference for metric innovations and freedoms appears characteristic. However, it is not the case that he belonged to a school of so-called   poetae novelli . Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum) Bibliography Editions: FPL 170 f. Comm.: S. Mattiacci, I …


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Author(s): Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἁβρώνιχος, also Ἀβρώνιχος; Habrṓn, Habrṓnichos). Son of Lysicles, Athenian from the Lamptrae deme (on the form of the name [1]). He brought the news of the defeat of  Leonidas at Thermopylae (Hdt. 8,21) to the Greek fleet at Artemisium in 480 BC. In 479 he was sent to Sparta with  Aristides [1] to inform  Themistocles of the progress of the wall construction (Thuc. 1,91,3). Later H. was a candidate for  ostrakismos, his name (with demotikon) is found on several ostraca (ML 21). Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum) Bibliography 1 A. E. Raubitschek, (H)abronichos, in: CR 70, 1…


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Author(s): Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum) | Phillips, C. Robert III. (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
[German version] [1] Athenian praised by Solon (Τέλλος; Téllos). Athenian, praised by Solon [1] to Croesus as a most fortunate person (Hdt. 1,30): T. saw healthy children and grandchildren grow up in a well-ordered polis, died in battle for his homeland and was given an honorary burial in Eleusis [1] (Hero cult). Doubt as to T.'s historicity are without foundation [1. 44 f.]. In Herodotus' [1] Lydian tale ( 'lógos'), which is imbued with oriental doctrines of wisdom, he presents profoundly Greek values (worldliness, ideal of citizenship, immortality through des…


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Author(s): Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) | Bartels, Jens (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne) | Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum)
Italian family name, attested at Rome from the 1st cent. BC, but of political importance only from the time of Augustus, with S. [II 4-6] (Schulze, 228). Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) I. Republican period [German version] [I 1] S., L. Mint magistrate in 101 BC (RRC 328) and praetor urbanus c. 93-89 (ILS 8208; Syme, RP 2, 608 f.). Bartels, Jens (Bonn) [German version] [I 2] S. Saturninus Vetulo Proscribed in 43 BC, took refuge on Sicily (Val. Max. 7,3,9). With his cousin Scribonius [I 7] Libo he led the embassy to Antonius [B I 9] for Sex. Pompeius [I 5] in 40 B…


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Author(s): Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) | Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum) | Eck, Werner (Cologne) | Calboli, Gualtiero (Bologna) | Will, Wolfgang (Bonn)
Roman gentilicium. [German version] [1] Historian, 1st cent. BC 1st cent. BC, published a work of history or epic probably about the first Punic war ( bellum Carthaginiense Fest. 158 M), perhaps identical to no. 5 [1]. Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) [German version] [2] Banker Banker (Hor. Epod. 2,67). Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) [German version] [3] Marius, 2nd half of 3rd cent. BC Marius, Campanian, fell in 215 BC fighting against Rome (Liv. 23,35,13; 19). Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) Bibliography 1 Schanz/Hosius, 1, 202. [German version] [4] Avitus Latin poet of the 2nd/3rd…


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Author(s): Bartels, Jens (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne) | Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum) | Schmidt, Peter L. (Constance) | Franke, Thomas (Bochum) | Et al.
Nomen gentile, probably originally Etruscan, occurred at Rome only from the 1st cent. BC onwards. I. Republican period [German version] [I 1] A certain S. from Camerinum was commissioned to recruit followers for Catilina at Picenum in 63 BC, presumably because he was of the Umbrian-Picenan municipal nobility (cf. CIL I2 1921; 1929) (Sall. Catil. 27,1). Bartels, Jens (Bonn) [German version] [I 2] Friend of Horace's; he hoped to enter the cohors amicorum of a member of the imperial household through his relationship with the latter (Hor. Carm.…