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Evangelische Unterweisung

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Author(s): Baldermann, Ingo
[German Version] (Evangelical Instruction). In 1947, H. Kittel programmatically and with a significant range of effectiveness introduced into the discussion the term “evangelical instruction” with the intention of replacing the school subject of religious instruction ( Religionsunterricht), compromised in the period of National Socialism, with an area of instruction, newly conceived from the ground up, no longer oriented around the concept of religion, but around the content of the gospel: “Evangelical instruction, this is the new task confronting us – never again religious instruction” (8). He defined evangelical instruction as “instruction in dealing properly with the gospel (


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Author(s): Alles, Gregory D. | Janowski, Bernd | Bayer, Oswald | Baldermann, Ingo | Kuhn, Peter
[German Version] Lament I. Religious Studies – II. Bible – III. Systematic Theology – IV. Practical Theology – V. Judaism I. Religious Studies Lament has its roots in human experience; it gives voice to suffering and mourning, in ritual, poetic, or informal form. Its end is not theoretical, like theodicy, but practical: people react to the experience of situations perceived as mentally, physically or socially painful and process these experiences individually or collectively. The prototypical occasion for mournin…


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Author(s): Hartenstein, Friedhelm | Janowski , Bernd | Hartenstein , Friedhelm | Janowski, Bernd | Häußling, Angelus A. | Et al.
[German Version] I. Terminology and Scope The book of Psalms is a unique collection of 150 poetic texts compiled to make a work sui generis. Its Hebrew title תְּהִלִּים(סֵפֶר) /( sēper) tĕhillîm, “(Book of) Praises,” is already found at Qumran (earliest instance: 4QMa [= 4Q491] 174, 1st cent. bce).…