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Clothing and Vestments

(3,745 words)

Author(s): Berlejung, Angelika | Köpf, Ulrich | Allen Jr., Horrace T. | Schneider, Johann | Miletto, Gianfranco
[German Version] I. Religious Studies – II. Christianity – III. Judaism I. Religious Studies 1. General Clothing fulfills the need for ornamentation and presentation, protection against the weather, and, in certain cases, magic. Appearance and materials follow climatic conditions, economic and technical capabilities (sewing, weaving, etc.), social or fashion conventions, and can be specified according to function (professional attire) or situation (festal attire). Clothing increases the complexity of the optical appearance of its ¶ wearer. It visualizes and makes m…


(2,508 words)

Author(s): Schimmelpfennig, Bernhard | Haering, Stephan | Miletto, Gianfranco
[German Version] I. History In ancient times, the ager vaticanus extended on the right side of the Tiber, below the Vatican Hill from which it acquired it name. Crossed by the Via Cornelia, it was connected with Rome by a bridge that was probably built under Nero. From the emperors Caligula and Nero onward, a circus was built for races, with an Egyptian obelisk as its meta (since the 16th cent. the center of St. Peter’s Square). Soon afterwards, a naumachia was erected further upstream on the Tiber.The Via Cornelia was lined by tombs, especially from the 2nd century onward.…

Mortara Case

(342 words)

Author(s): Miletto, Gianfranco
[German Version] Edgardo Mortara was born in Bologna on Aug 27, 1851, the son of Salomone (“Momolo”) Mortara, a Jewish merchant, and Marianna Padovani. At the end of August, 1852, during a severe illness, he was secretly baptized by a Catholic servant girl, Anna Morisi. When she later told her secret to a neighbor, Regina Bussolari, the case became public knowledge and was referred to the Holy Office. Pius IX ordered the child brought to Rome and placed in a church institution to guarantee a Christian upbringing. Dur-¶ ing the night of Jun 25, 1858, the papal police brought Edgardo…


(2,070 words)

Author(s): Schimmelpfennig, Bernhard | Haering, Stephan | Miletto, Gianfranco
[English Version] I. Historisch In der Antike erstreckte sich rechts des Tibers unterhalb des vatikanischen Hügels der nach diesem benannte ager vaticanus. Durchzogen von der via Cornelia war er durch eine wohl unter Nero erbaute Brücke mit Rom verbunden. Seit den Kaisern Caligula und Nero wurde ein Circus für Rennen erbaut, die meta bildete ein äg. Obelisk (seit dem 16.Jh. Zentrum des Petersplatzes). Bald darauf wurde tiberaufwärts eine naumachia errichtet. Die via Cornelia säumten bes. seit dem 2…