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Author(s): Senff, Reinhard (Bochum)
[German version] (Πεδιαῖος; Pediaîos). Main river (present-day Pidias) on the island of Cyprus. It crosses the plain of Messaria from west to east and flows into the sea by the ancient coastal town of Salamis (Ptol. 5,14,3). Senff, Reinhard (Bochum) Bibliography E. Oberhummer, s.v. Pediaios, RE 19, 31  Id., Die Insel Cypern, vol. 1, 1903, 163f.


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Author(s): Senff, Reinhard (Bochum)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Kypros | (Καρπασία, Καρπάσεια; Karpasía, Karpáseia). Town on the north coast of the northern tip of Cyprus -- also named C. -- north of the modern Rizokarpaso (Hellanicus FGrH 4 F 57). Remains of port installations, town walls and necropolis with chamber tombs; so far, houses from classical to Roman times have been excavated, also an early Christian basilica complex. In 306 BC, C. was captured by  Demetrius [2] Poliorcetes. As an independent pólis, C. is epigraphically verified only for the Ptolemaic period. Bishop'…

Hagia Irini

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Author(s): Senff, Reinhard (Bochum) | Wittke, Anne-Maria (Tübingen)
This item can be found on the following maps: Kypros [German version] A. Location Near the modern village of Hagia Irini (HI) on the northwest coast of  Cyprus there are remains of an ancient port, inhabited from the late Bronze Age to the middle Imperial period. On the altar of a sanctuary outside the town a large number of clay votives was found in situ. Senff, Reinhard (Bochum) Bibliography E. Gjerstadt et al., Ajia Irini, in: The Swedish Cyprus Expedition, vol. 2, 1935, 642-824 L. Quilici et al., Rapporti di scavo ad Aghia Irini. Studi ciprioti e rapporti di scavo 1, 1971, 9-170 S. Törnquis…
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