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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἁδριανίς; Hadrianís). Last of the five post-Cleisthenian  phyles of Attica, set up in AD 127/8 in honour of emperor Hadrian. Each of the 12 phyles at the time (10 Cleisthenian, Ptolemais, Attalis) gave the H. a deme. To this the new deme  Antinoeis was added in AD 130 after the death of  Antinous [2]. The trittyes played no part in the formation of the post-Cleisthenian phyles. The proportional representation of the demes in the phyles had been abandoned in 201/200 BC. The imperial lists of bouleutai for the individual demes therefore show an inhomogenous picture. …


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Αἰθαλίδαι; Aithalídai). Attic mesogeia deme of the phyle  Leontis (IG II2 1742), later of the Antigonis. Two bouleutai. Of uncertain location, possible connection with  Eupyridae,  Cropidae, and  Peleces [2; 3. 45, map 1]. For the inscription on the grave of an Aethalides near the modern Marathon, see [4. 319, n. 2]. With 94 recorded names, it is mentioned surprisingly frequently [1. 59]. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 A. W. Gomme, The Population of Athens, 1933 2 A. Milchhoefer, s. v. A., RE 1, 1092 f. 3 Traill, Attica, 8, 45, 68, 109 (no. 6), 13…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Κειριάδαι; Keiriádai). Attic asty deme of the phyle Hippothontis, two   bouleutaí . Its location outside the wall of Athens west of the Hill of the Nymphs and the Pnyx [2. 51] (today Ano Petralona) is verified by the Βάραθρον ( Bárathron), a gorge in C., into which those condemned to death were thrown (Anecd. Bekk. 1,219,10) [1].  Athens Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 Th. Thalheim, s.v. Βάραθρον, RE 2, 2853 2 Traill, Attica, 51; 69; 110 no. 62, table 8 3 Whitehead, 26, 83.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Attica (Τυρμεῖδαι; Tyrmeîdai). Small Attic mesogeia(?) deme of the Oineis, from 200/199 BC of the Attalis (Attalus [4] I), one (two) bouleutaí. In 360/59 and 335/4 BC T. did not send a council member. Its precise location is not known. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica 9, 19, 49, 70, 78, 112 no. 141 tab. 6, 14  J. S. Traill, Demos and Trittys, 1986, 15, 134, 143 f., 149.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
(Ἰκάριον/ Ikárion; Ἰκαρία/ Ikária only Steph. Byz. s.v. Ἰ.). [German version] [1] Att. mesogeia deme of the phyle Aegeis Attic mesogeia deme of the phyle Aegeis, from 307/6 to 201 of Antigonis, after 200 BC of Attalis, on the north-east slope of mount  Pentelicon (modern Dioniso). Only one deme named I. is recorded [7. 115 no. 16]. With five (six) bouleutaí, medium-sized, but (through cult business?) prosperous [9. 160 n. 77, 163]. In 1888/9, the Dionysus sanctuary [9. 221] with one of the oldest theatres in Attica [2; 3; 8] and archaic cult image of Dionysus (IG I3 254, IG II2 2851 [5; 9. 215]) was uncovered [1; 8]. The tragic poet  Thespis came from I. Dramatic agons are cited in IG I3 254 (2nd half of the 5th cent. BC). For the cult of the eponymous hero Icarius see [3; 6], for that of Apol…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Κηφισιά; Kēphisiá). Attic mesogeia deme of the phyle Erechtheis, six (eight)   bouleutaí , modern Kifissia [1. 38]. Location of the Attic dodekapolis (Philochorus in Str. 9,1,20; FGrH B Fr. 94). Suburb of  Athens with abundant springs and forests, west of the  Pentelicon (Harpocr. s.v. Κηφισιεύς; Diog. Laert. 3,41; Synes. Epist. 272) with a


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Author(s): Antoni, Silke (Kiel) | Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) | Zahrnt, Michael (Kiel)
(Παλλήνη/ Pallḗnē). [German version] [1] Daughter of the giant Alcyoneus Also called Palene (Παλήνη/ Palḗnē): Suda s.v. Ἀλκυονίδες ἡμέραι. According to Hegesander (or Agesander: FHG 4, 422, fr. 46), daughter of the giant Alcyoneus [1], who, along with her sisters (Alc…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἁμαξάντεια; hamaxánteia). Attic paralia? deme of the Hippothontis phyle, supplying one   bouleutḗs , unknown location. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica, 51, 68, 110 no. 52, table 8 J. S. Traill, Demos and Trittys, 1986, 138 Whitehead, 372 n. 6.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἰωνίδαι; Iōnídai). Attic Mesogea deme of the Aegeis phyle, sending two (one) bouleutaí. Meyer [1] localizes it near Charvati, Siewert [2] near Lutró, Traill [3; 4] near Draphi (?), and Vanderpool [5. 24ff.] near Vurva. Genealogical connections between its eponymous hero Ion and Gargettus (Paus. 6,22,7) might point to the deme's location in the general area of Charvati south of Pallene. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography …


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Εὐπυρίδαι; Eupyrídai). Attic mesogeia deme of the phyle Leontis, two bouleutai. E. with the neighbouring deme Cropidae and Peleces formed the cult association of Trikomoi (Steph. Byz. s.v. E.; [1. 112; 2. 184f.46]). As Archidamus moved through Cropidae to Acharnae in 431 BC (Thuc. 2,19), E. can be estimated to lie north of the Aegaleus near Kamatero. From there originates the decree IG II2 1362 to protect the trees in the sanctuary of Apollo Erasitheus [2], and from Hagios Saranta to the west of Menidi come the tomb inscriptions IG II2 6146. Lohmann, Hans (…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ὀή/ Oḗ, Οἴη/ Oíē; demotikon Ὀῆθεν/ Oêthen; Οἰῆθεν/ Oiêthen [1]). Attic paralia deme, phyle of Oineis, with six (or seven) bouleutaí; probably location in Thriasia to the northeast of Aspropirgos, cf. Soph. OC 1059ff. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 S. Dow, The Attic Demes Oa and Oe, in: AJPh 84, 1963, 166-181. Traill, Attica, 19, 49, 67, 111 nr. 92, table 6  J.S. Traill, Demos and Trittys, 1986, 57, 134  Whitehead, Index s.v. O.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Lycii, Lycia (Κρύα; Krýa; Καρύα; Karía, Ptol. 5,3,2; Crya fugitivorum, Plin. HN 5,103; now Taşyaka). Fortified town in the Rhodian Peraea on the south-west coast of Asia Minor in Lycia on the gulf of Telmessus, 2,4 km west-north-west of Fethiye. Sources: Mela 1,16; Steph. Byz. s.v. Krya Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography G. E. Bean, s.v. Taşyaka, PE, 886 Id., Kleinasien 4, 1980, 31, 34 Id., P. M. Fraser, The Rhodian Peraea, 1954, 55f. GGM 1, 494f. no. 258f. P. Roos, Topographical and Other Notes on South-Eastern Caria, in: OpAth 9, 1969, 59-93 TAM 1, 151.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Εὐώνυμον; Euṓnymon). Attic asty deme of the phyle Erechtheis, ten (from 307/6 BC twelve) bouleutai. Its location has been pinpointed to ‘Trachones’ (modern Alimos) on the Leophoros Vouliagmenis because of epigraphical …


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Πίδασα; Pídasa). Fortified Carian settlement on (Mount) Grion, modern Ilbıra Daǧi, above Danişment, with two acropoleis (modern Cert Osman Kalesi) [1; 2. 91f.; 5]. After 494 BC the Persians gave Milesia ὑπεράκρια/ hyperákria ('on the heights') , the uplands of Miletus [2], to the Pidaseis (Hdt. 6,20). P. was a member of the Delian League (tribute of one talent, ATL 1, 535), and concluded a sympoliteía between 323 and 313 BC with Latmus [2] (cf. [1]), and between 188/7 and 178/7 BC with Miletus [2] (cf. [1. 139; 3; 4. 283f.]), which sent a detachment to garrison P. Lohmann…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Βερενικίδαι; Berenikídai). Attic deme of the Ptolemais phyle established in 224/23 BC and named after  Berenice, wife of Ptolemy III Euergetes. Possibly located around Eleusis (cf. grave inscription IG II2 5868 from Mandra and IG II2 5888 from Eleusis). The announcer of the decree on demes (?) IG II2 1221 (found at Eleusis) came from the B. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica, 29f., 109 (no. 25), table 13.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Laurium | Attica | Attica (Σούνιον/ Soúnion). Cape in the southeast of Attica, Attic paralia deme (Str. 9,1,22), phyle of Leontis, from 201/0 BC Attalis, four (six) bouleutaí. The territory of S. ( c. 28 km2) bordered on Amphitrope in the west (border inscription on the Spitharopussi [1. 11 f. pl. 3]), and Thoricus in the north and, in Nape and Thrasymus, encompassedtwo significant mining districts of Laurium. The cults of Poseidon and Athena Sounias on the cape stretched back into the late Geometric Period. In c. 600 BC colo…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Κυνόσαργες; Kynósarges). Sanctuary of Hercules first mentioned for the year 490 BC (Hdt. 6,116) with a gymnasium in the deme Diomea south of the Ilissus in front of the walls of Athens (Plut. Themistocles 1; Diog. Laert. 6,13; Steph. Byz. s.v. Κ.). Because of the finding-place of IG II2 1665 it is vaguely considered to lie near Hagios Pantelemon. The link between a dromos to Agrae (IG II2 2119 Z. 128) and C. is doubtful. The C. gymnasium was meant for illegitimate children (  nóthoi ) (Dem. Or. 23,213; Ath. 6,234E; Plut. Themistocles 1,2). At…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Πανιόνιον; Paniónion). Central sanctuary of the Ionian amphiktyonía on the Mycale (Hdt. 1,142f.; 148; modern Dilek Yarımadası) that celebrated the festival of Paniṓnia with a panḗgyris ('festive meeting') and a bull sacrifice to Poseidon Helikonios (i.e. of Helice: Str. 8,7,2; Hom. Il. 20, 403f.) there. Founded according to the Marmor Parium (IG XII 5, 444) in 1086/5 BC (cf. Paus. 7,4,10) and according to Kleiner [1. 9] only on the occasion of the destruction of Melia (in whose territory the P. lay) between 663 and 657 BC, the P. belonged from that time onward to P…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Achaemenids | Persian Wars | Delian League (Μυοῦς; Myoûs). Small port in Ionia on the former Gulf of Latmia, now 18km from the sea at Avşar Kale. As a member of the Pan-Ionic amphiktyonía (Hdt. 1,142), it provided three ships for the naval battle of Lade in 494 BC (Hdt. 6,8). During the 5th cent. BC it was ruled by Themistocles (Thuc. 1,138), before joining the Delian League (ATL 4, Index s.v. M.); in the 3rd cent., M. lost its political independence to Mile…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Θυργωνίδαι; Thyrgōnídai). Kṓmē in the territory of the 'constitutional' Attic deme  Aphidna, changed together with the latter from the Aiantis [1] phyle into the Ptolemaïs [10] phyle in 224/3 BC (IG II2 2362, Z. 49; Harpocr.  s. v. Θ.). Not an independent deme until the Roman period. Hsch. s.v. Θ.; EM s.v. Τιτακίδαι/ Titakídai. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica 30, 88, 121 No. 41.
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