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Author(s): Falco, Giulia (Athens) | Ziegler, Konrat (Göttingen)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Sicily | Theatre | Christianity | | Coloniae | Natural catastrophes (Κατάνη; Katánē, Lat. Catina). City on the east coast of Sicily on the fertile plain south of the volcano Mount  Etna [1], modern Catania; it was founded in 729 BC by Chalcidians who had some years previously settled in Naxos. In the 2nd half of the 6th cent., the lawgiver  Charondas was active in C; the town was visited by  Ibycus and  Xenophanes;  Stesichorus died there. In the 1st half of…


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Author(s): Manganaro, Giacomo (Sant' Agata li Battiata) | Ziegler, Konrat (Göttingen)
[German version] (Κεφαλοίδιον, Κεφαλοιδίς; Kephaloídion, Kephaloidís, Cephaloedium). Town on a cape of the northern coast of Sicily, modern Cefalù, repeatedly mentioned in conjunction with  Dionysius [1] I and  Agathocles [2] (Diod. Sic. 14,56,2; 78,7; 20,56,3; 77,3), captured by the Romans in 254 BC during the First Punic War (Diod. Sic. 23,18,3), subsequently a civitas decumana. Plundered by Verres (Cic. Verr. 2,2,128; 3,103). Archaeology: Remains of archaic fortifications; on the acropolis a ‘Temple of Diana’ in pre-Greek layout. Copious coin co…


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Author(s): Engelmann, Helmut (Cologne) | Ziegler, Konrat (Göttingen)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Theatre | Dark Ages | Ionic | Colonization | Persian Wars | Delian League | Aegean Koine | Education / Culture (Κλαζομεναί; Klazomenaí). Ionian town in Lydia on the south shore of the Gulf of Smyrna, near modern Urla, founded by  Colophon, assaulted by  Alyattes (Hdt. 1,16). For fear of the Persians, it relocated to the offshore island, which Alexander the Great later linked to the mainland by a causeway (Paus. 7,3,8f.). Clazomenae had a treasury in Delphi, was a me…


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Author(s): Heinze, Theodor (Geneva) | Freitag, Klaus (Münster) | Niehoff, Johannes (Freiburg) | Falco, Giulia (Athens) | Ziegler, Konrat (Göttingen)
[German version] [1] Daughter of Creon (Μεγάρα/ Megára, Μεγάρη/ Megárē). Daughter of Creon [1] of Thebes, wife of Heracles [1] (Hom. Od. 11,269-270), who had received her hand in thanks for the liberation of Thebes from tribute to Erginus, and mother of some of the Heraclidae. Whereas the Thebans according to Paus. 9,11,2 tell of the insane Heracles' infanticide (on his insanity Cypria p. 40,28f. PEG) as nothing other than what Stesichorus (= 230 PMGF) and Panyassis (= fr. 1 PEG) relate, the version of P…
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