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Author(s): Zimmermann, Sylvia | Renger, Johannes (Berlin)
[German version] [1] Eponym of the island of Tenedos (Τέννης/ Ténnēs, also Τένης/ Ténēs). According to Plutarch (Quaest. Graec. 28) the eponym of the island of Tenedos, son of king Cycnus [2]; Apollo is often given as his father. Stepson of Philomene, who after an alleged rape has T. and his sister Hemithea put out at sea in a chest. Under the protection of Poseidon they land on the island of Leucophrys near Troy, where T. becomes king. The island is named after him. Later Cycnus recognises the truth and sai…


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Author(s): Zimmermann, Sylvia | Lütkenhaus, Werner (Marl)
[German version] [1] Titan (Θεία/ Theíā, fem. of theîos 'divine', also called Erypháessa, 'the far-shining'). A Titan, daughter of Uranus and Gaea, mother by the Titan Hyperion of Helius, Eos and Selene, by Oceanus of the Cercopes (Hes. Theog. 135; 371; Orph. fr. 114; Catull. 66,44). Titans Zimmermann, Sylvia [German version] [2] Ostrogoth king, c. AD 550 (also known as Teia(s), Gr. Τείας /Teíās). Ostrogoth king in AD 552; sent by Totila to northern Italy in 552 to block Narses [4]'s way to Italy; when Narses bypassed him, however, he marched back to Totil…


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Author(s): Zimmermann, Sylvia | Camporeale, Giovannangelo (Florence)
(Τελαμών; Telamṓn). [German version] [1] Son of the king Aeacus and of Endeis in Aegina Son of king Aeacus and of Endeis in Aegina, brother of Peleus, both banished by Aeacus for murdering their half-brother Phocus [1]. Participant in the Calydonian Hunt and in the expedition of the Argonauts (Apollod. 3,158-161). T. marries Glauce, the daughter of the Salaminian king Cechreus, and after the latter's death inherits rule of Salamis (Diod. 4,72). With his second wife, Eriboea or Periboea, he fathers Ajax [1]. To…


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Author(s): Zimmermann, Sylvia | Müller, Christian (Bochum)
[German version] [1] T. mons According to Varro (Ling. 5,41), term for the Capitolium, cf. Tarpeium Saxum. Zimmermann, Sylvia [German version] [2] Epithet of Iuppiter as lord of the Capitolium Epithet of Iuppiter as lord of the Capitolium, where the rock was from which traitors were thrown to their deaths in accordance with a law written by T. [4] (e.g. Ov. Fast. 6,34; Ov. Met. 15,866; Prop. 4,1,7). Zimmermann, Sylvia [German version] [3] T., Sp. Father of Tarpeia Father of Tarpeia, commander of the Capitoline fortress under Romulus [1] during the attack of the Sabine kin…


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Author(s): Zimmermann, Sylvia (Freiburg) | Sonnabend, Holger (Stuttgart) | Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
(Πύρρα). [English version] [1] Tochter des Epimetheus In der griech. Mythologie Tochter des Epimetheus (des Bruders des Prometheus) und der Pandora, sowie Gattin des Deukalion. Sie und ihr Gatte überleben als einzige Menschen die von Zeus zur Strafe der Menschen des Bronzenen Zeitalters über die Erde geschickte Sintflut, indem sie auf den Rat des Prometheus hin ein Boot bauen, auf dem sie neun Tage und neun Nächte umhertreiben. Deukalion und P. erschaffen ein neues Menschengeschlecht (Pind. O. 9,43-56;…


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Author(s): Zimmermann, Sylvia | Camporeale, Giovannangelo; Ü:H.D.
(Τελαμών). [English version] [1] Sohn des Königs Aiakos und der Endeïs auf Aigina Sohn des Königs Aiakos und der Endeïs auf Aigina, Bruder des Peleus, beide wegen der Ermordung ihres Halbbruders Phokos [1] von Aiakos verbannt. Teilnehmer an der Kalydonischen Jagd und am Zug der Argonautai (Apollod. 3,158-161). T. heiratet Glauke, die Tochter des salamin. Königs Kechreus, und erbt nach dessen Tod die Herrschaft über Salamis (Diod. 4,72). Durch seine zweite Frau, Eriboia oder Periboia, wird er Vater des Aias […
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