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Author(s): Brizzi, Giovanni (Bologna)
[German version] Tributary of the  Padus, modern Adda, running from the Raetic Alps through the lacus Larius (Lake Como), forming the border between Insubres and Cenomanni (Pol. 2,32,2; Str. 4,3,3; 6,6; 12; 5,1,6; Plin. HN 2,224; 3,118; 131). Brizzi, Giovanni (Bologna) Bibliography Nissen 1, 188; 2, 188 D. Olivieri, Dizionario di toponomastica lombarda, 21961, 46, s. v. Addua C. Podestà Alberini, Municipium Cremona, 1954, 3, 38 f.


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Author(s): Brizzi, Giovanni (Bologna)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Theatre | Christianity | | Italy, languages | Raeti, Raetia Main town of the  Cenoman(n)i on the Garza, a tributary of the Mella (Catull. 67,33; Liv. 5,35,1; 32,30,6; Just. Epit. 20,5,8; Str. 5,1,6), regio X (Plin. HN 3,130), on the road Comum - Aquileia (It. Ant. 127,11; It. Burd. 558,8), now Brescia. The Cenomani (Liv. 21,25,14: Brixiani Galli) received the ius Latii in 89 BC, the status of municipium (CIL V 4131; 4412; 4427) of the tribus Fabia in 49 BC [1. 108], of colonia between 27 and 8 BC ( civica Iulia Augusta: CIL V 4212).…

Ager Gallicus

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Author(s): Brizzi, Giovanni (Bologna)
[German version] Coastal strip along the Adriatic between Aesis [2] and Utens (possibly the Vites mentioned by Plin. HN 3,115). Originally Umbrian (Str. 5,1,11), it was settled by  Senones at the end of the 4th cent. BC (Pol. 2,18 ff.; Liv. 5,33-55; Diod. Sic. 14,113-117). Following its conquest by M.  Curius Dentatus in 285/284 BC (Pol. 2,19,7-20), it became an   ager publicus . The Roman colony of  Sena Gallica was established in about 289 BC (cf. Liv. per. 11; Str. 5,2,10), and the Latin one of  Ariminium in 268 BC (cf. Liv. per. 15; …


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Author(s): Brizzi, Giovanni (Bologna)
[German version] Mutatio (‘horse-changing post’) between Ticinum and Augusta Taurinorum (It. Ant. 340,3; It. Burd. 557,5), modern Cozzo. Branch to Vercellae (Tab. Peut. 4,1; cf. Geogr. Rav. 4,30; CIL XI, 3281-3284); miliarium (CIL V, 8063); municipium (CIL XI, 416). Brizzi, Giovanni (Bologna) Bibliography Nissen, 2, 176 Miller, 226 Ruggiero, 4, 1254.


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Author(s): Brizzi, Giovanni (Bologna)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Venetic | | Raeti, Raetia | Batavian Revolt Capital of the  Veneti (Ptol. 3,1,30) by the Silis (Plin. HN 3,126) in the marshes ( septem maria: Plin. HN 3,119; Str. 5,1,7; 11; Hdn. 8,7; Mela 2,62), today Altino. Later   municipium of the regio X (Vitr. De arch. 1,4,11; CIL V 2149), tribus Scaptia [1. 106], on the Patavium to Aquileia road (It. Ant. 128,4; 281. 4), at the beginning of the   via Claudia Augusta (CIL V 8002 f.).   Villae (Mart. 4,25) and manufacture; sheep-breeding (Columella 7,2,3). Destro…


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Author(s): Brizzi, Giovanni (Bologna) | Tausend, Sabine
[German version] Boii (Boi). Celtic tribe that settled in northern Italy from the time of the great migration at the end of the 4th cent. BC. The B. probably originated from Central Europe (cf. the name Bohemia; Vell. Pat. 2,109; Str. 7,1,3). In their migration they crossed over territories that had been settled by related, Celtic-speaking, Transpadanian tribes since the 6th cent. (Golasecca culture). They themselves settled in what is today central east Emilia and in Romagna (as far as the Utens, where the ager Senonum began: Liv. 5,35,3), after they had driven out the Umbri an…


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Author(s): Olshausen, Eckart (Stuttgart) | Brizzi, Giovanni (Bologna) | Uggeri, Giovanni (Florence)
[German version] [1] City on the Clanius in Campania This item can be found on the following maps: Social Wars | Villa | Etrusci, Etruria City of the  Sidicini or  Samnites on the Clanius in  Campania (Str. 5,4,8; 11; Plin. HN 3,63). 332 BC civitas sine suffragio (Liv. 8, 17, 12; Vell. Pat. 1, 14, 4), praefectura (fortress destroyed (Liv. 23, 17, 7; 19, 4), rebuilt 211 BC (Liv. 27, 3). Colonia under Augustus (liber coloniarum 229). Few archaeological remains under today's city of Acerra. Olshausen, Eckart (Stuttgart) Bibliography Nissen 2, 754 [German version] [2] Capital of the  Insubres Cap…