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Author(s): Kramolisch, Herwig (Eppelheim) | Errington, Robert Malcolm (Marburg/Lahn) | Kalcyk, Hansjörg (Petershausen) | Peschlow-Bindokat, Anneliese (Berlin) | Kaletsch, Hans (Regensburg) | Et al.
(Ἡράκλεια; Hērákleia). [German version] [1] H. Trachinia This item can be found on the following maps: Aetolians, Aetolia | Peloponnesian War | Education / Culture (Ἡράκλεια ἡ Τραχινία; H. hē Trachinía). City on a rock to the left of and above the exit of the gorge of the  Asopus [1] into the Spercheus plain, separated from Oete ( Oetaei, Oete) on the southern and western flanks by deep streambeds, where the Trachinian rocks rise up with their numerous tomb caves. The lower city has vanished without trace. H. was founded in …


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Author(s): Peschlow-Bindokat, Anneliese (Berlin)
[German version] (Ἰωνιάπολις; Iōniápolis). Milesian harbour town on the south bank of the former Latmian Gulf, modern Bafa Gölü. Material from the nearby marble quarries was shipped via this harbour to build the Temple of Apollo at  Didyma. Many Didymaean column drums within a settlement of late antiquity are preserved on the shore and in the water near Pınarcık Yayla (formerly Mersinet Iskelesi). The ancient harbour is assumed to have been further out to sea, as the water level has risen. The name…


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Author(s): Peschlow-Bindokat, Anneliese (Berlin)
(Λάτμος; Látmos). [German version] [1] Mountain range in Caria A gneiss and granite mountain range in Caria on the northern and eastern banks of former Latmikos Kolpos (modern Bafa Gölü), modern Beşparmak Dağları. First mentioned by Hecat. FGrH 1 F 239. Archaeologically the earliest traces of human settlement go back to prehistory. The L. was one of the sacred mountains of Asia Minor. On the Tekerlekdağ (1,375 m high), the Carian-Anatolian weather and rain god was worshipped in the pre-Greek period, who …