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Author(s): Vatikiotis, P.J. | Brett, M. | Lambton, A.K.S. | Dodd, C.H. | Wheeler, G.E. | Et al.
(a.), nationalism. 1. In the Arab world east of the Mag̲h̲rib. The term derives from ḳawm , a term of tribal provenance used to denote a group of people having or claiming a common ancestor, or a tribe descended from a single ancestor. One’s ḳawm is simply one’s people, either genealogically determined or mythologically and folklorishly depicted. In this century, ḳawmiyya refers to the movement of nationalism among the Arabs of the Ottoman dominions in the Fertile Crescent that were conquered by the Allies in the Great War. The use …

Mīt̲h̲āḳ-i Millī

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Author(s): Dodd, C.H.
(t.), the “National Pact”, a proclamation voted by the last Ottoman Parliament which met in Istanbul in January 1920. Essentially, the National Pact proclaimed the territorial integrity of the remaining non-Arab heartlands of the Ottoman Empire. It was passed at a time when, after defeat in the First World War, the Ottoman Empire was threatened by the dismemberment of Anatolia and Rumelia which was provided for in the abortive Treaty of Sèvres (10 August 1920). Under the terms of that treaty, Gr…