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Lamb (of God)

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Author(s): Taeger, Jens-Wilhelm | Benga, Daniel | Frenschkowski, Marco
[German Version] I. New Testament – II. Eastern Liturgy – III. Christian Art I. New Testament Apart from Luke 10:3 and John 21:15, where it designates the disciples and the community (otherwise sheep), the word lamb appears only in christological contexts. Its Old Testamant associations are clear in 1 Cor 5:7, where Paul refers to Christ as “our paschal lamb that has been sacrificed,” whose death – according to the context – sets Christians free for new life, and in Acts 8:32–35, where a quotation from Isa 53:7f. LXX is applie…

Didascalia Apostolorum

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Author(s): Benga, Daniel
Didascalia apostolorum, also entitled the Syriac Didascalia, is a pseudo-epigraphic work, written in Syria in the 3rd century CE. Belonging to the literary genre of church orders, it is chronologically situated between the Didache, from which it was inspired, and the Apostolic Constitutions, which embodied it in the first six chapters with substantial changes.HistoriographyInitially written in Greek, of which only short fragments are preserved, the full variant of the work is preserved today in a Syriac translation, dated to the 4th–6th centuries …
Date: 2021-12-14


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Author(s): Benga, Daniel
Chorbishop (Gk χωρεπίσκοπος, επίσκοπος τῆς χώρας; Lat. chorepiscopus, episcopus vicanus) is the term designating a bishop who had authority over rural (Gk χώρα or κώμη; Lat. pagus or vicus) Christian communities, whereas a bishop was the religious leader of an urban community (πόλις). This ministry emerged, as can be inferred from documents, in the East between the 2nd and the 3rd centuries CE, in both mainstream Christianity and Montanist and Novatianist milieus (Eus. Hist. eccl. 5.16.17; 7.30.10); the term is mentioned in Christian writings and conciliar documents b…
Date: 2021-12-14