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Feodosy Pechersky, Saint

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Author(s): Müller, Ludolf
[German Version] (d. May 3, 1074 in the Kiev Cave Monastery). From about 1062, abbot of this monastery, he gave it the rule of the Studios Monastery in Constantinople. Individual asceticism in subterranean caves was replaced by the cenobitic lifestyle (Cenobites, Monasticism) with particular emphasis on community worship and physical work. This order became the model for many Russian monasteries. Since 1108 venerated in the cult throughout Russia, Feodosy become the first Russian monastic saint and is considered, even today, one of the greatest fathers of Russian monasticism. Ludol…


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Author(s): Schreiner, Peter | Kaufhold, Hubert | Müller, Ludolf | Sprandel, Rolf
[German Version] I. Byzantine Chronicles – II. Eastern Christian Chronicles – III. Russian Chronicles – IV. Western Chronicles I. Byzantine Chronicles Recent scholarship rightly sees world histories and contemporary historical works as a literary unity. In conformity with the terminology used here, in this article “chronicles” encompasses only world histories and annals. The Byzantine world produced far fewer kinds of chronicles than did the West, the Slavic world, and the Christian East. There are virtually no chronicles and annals o…

Boris and Gleb

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Author(s): Müller, Ludolf
[German Version] (died Jul 15 and Sep 15, 1015, resp.), the first Russian saints to be canonized, the sons of St. ¶ Vladimir, were murdered after his death on the orders of their half-brother Svjatopolk. Another half-brother, Jaroslav, became their avenger and, after his victory over Svjatopolk, promoted the cult of his murdered half-brothers. They are venerated as “sufferers,” who for Christ's sake rejected armed resistance. Ludolf Müller Bibliography L. Müller, ed., Die altrussischen hagiographischen Erzählungen und liturgischen Dichtungen über die heiligen Boris und Gleb, 19…

Hilarion of Kiev

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Author(s): Müller, Ludolf
[German Version] Hilarion of Kiev, hieromonk. In 1051 Hilarion became the first Russian metropolitan of Kiev. His extant works, theologically significant, are also stylistic masterpieces: Sermon on Law and Grace, Confession of Faith (written on the occasion of his enthronement), “Hymn to Saint Vladimir,” and “Prayer for Russia.” Nothing is known about the end of his reign as metropolitan and his death. A different metropolitan of Kiev is already attested in 1055. There is no evidence from reliable sources for a frequently posi…