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Sacred and Profane

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Author(s): Paden, William E. | Milgrom, Jacob | Taeger, Jens-Wilhelm | Vroom, Henk M. | Hunsinger, George | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies While the sacred/profane duality has a long history, going back to the Romans, it was the emergence of an intercultural, anthropological perspective in the late 19th century that made it a significant descriptive category in comparative religious studies. In that context, the sacred/profane concept served to describe certain types of experience and behavior common to all human cultures. The anthropological interest in the sacred focused initially on early notions like taboo and mana, Oceanian terms that mean “forbidden”…

Theology of Religions

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Author(s): Vroom, Henk M. | Schwöbel, Christoph | May, John D’Arcy
[German Version] I. Philosophy of Religion The theology of religions is dedicated to philosophical or theological reflection on the relationships between religions and worldviews (Weltanschauung). Recently three fundamental types of such theology have been distinguished: exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism, which understands all religions as responses, in principle on an equal footing, to the experience of (the one?) transcendence (Uniqueness of Christianity, Dialogue: II). It is questionable whet…

Theologie der Religionen

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Author(s): Vroom, Henk M. | Schwöbel, Christoph | May, John D'Arcy
[English Version] I. Religionsphilosophisch Die Theol. der Rel. widmet sich der philos. oder theol. Reflexion der Verhältnisse zw. Religionen und Weltanschauungen. In neuerer Zeit werden die Grundtypen der Theol. der Rel. unterschieden: Exklusivismus, Inklusivismus und Pluralismus (alle Rel. werden verstanden als im Prinzip gleichberechtigte Reaktionen auf die Erfahrung der [einen?] Transzendenz, Absolutheitsanspruch des Christentums, Dialog: II.). Es ist fraglich, ob diese Einteilung sich aus der Sicht aller Rel. so aufrechterhalten läßt. In der Theol. der Rel. …