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Author(s): Küenzlen, Gottfried | Kienzler, Klaus | Hamilton, Michael S. | Mittleman, Alan L. | Wielandt, Rotraud | Et al.
[German Version] I. Terminology – II. Religious Studies – III. Systematic Theology – IV. Social Sciences – V. Practical Theology I. Terminology The term fundamentalism


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Author(s): Zehner, Joachim | Grundmann, Christoffer H. | Fischer, Johannes
[German Version] I. Philosophy of Religion Even prior to the age of Greek philosophy, riches, honor, power, health, longevity, etc. were considered the epitome of well-being, “bliss” or “salvation” (Ger. Heil). For centuries well-being was treated as synonymous with happiness (Gk eudaimonía, Lat. felicitas, beatitudo). Today the term happiness usually excludes the transcendent dimension, and salvation is…


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Author(s): Großheim, Michael | Zehner, Joachim | Andersen, Svend
[German Version] I. Philosophy – II. Dogmatics – III. Ethics I. Philosophy The process of clarifying an uncertain, unclear situation that demands a reaction…


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Author(s): Gestrich, Christof | Zehner, Joachim
1. Term and Problems Forgiveness is the readiness to pardon faults (Guilt). More than restitution or repayment, it seeks to restore fellowship. The fifth petition of the Lord’s Prayer refers to it as something that God does and that we ought to do in return. But what does Christian forgiveness mean when seen in the light of social, political, phi…