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Commemoration of the dead

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Author(s): Schäfer, Daniel
1. Secular ceremonial Commemorating the dead is a tradition inherited from Antiquity, when rulers' deaths in particular prompted the construction of lavish buildings (e.g. Mausoleum) and the holding of ceremonies, the aim of which was not just to honor the memory of the deceased, but also to assert the legitimacy of the successor [5. 1–6]. Conversely, those declared enemies of the state suffered the damnatio memoriae (“annihilation of memory”) [9]. Medieval noble culture continued the tradition of the ancient Roman  laudatio funebris (“funeral oration”), especially in …
Date: 2019-10-14


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Author(s): Schäfer, Daniel | Thiede, Werner
1. Introduction 1.1. Continuity, diversity, and changeBy virtue of their historical impact, and of certain practices for dealing with them, death and dying comprise a  longue durée phenomenon in European history. As a mysterium tremendum et fascinans, this phenomenon confronts people far beyond the context of religious history (see below, 4.), and in all periods it demands many social and cultural responses. There is a continual confrontation and reflection in literature, art, philosophy, and theology on the alteration of life t…
Date: 2019-10-14