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Author(s): Schweizer, Beat (Tübingen RWG)
Schweizer, Beat (Tübingen RWG) [German version] A. Archaeology and Reconstruction (CT) The constructional aspect of scholarly reconstruction was already being emphasized by Classical research theorists around 1900 [43; 44], but it was only with the advent of post-structural or postmodern theory that it became the focus of a historical discussion of the fundamentals [32] (Historiographical methods). Of the subject areas involved in the study of ancient history, it is especially in archaeology that reconstr…

Classical Archaeology

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Author(s): Niemeyer, Hans Georg (Hamburg) | Willers, Dietrich (Berne) | Schweizer, Stefan (Kassel RWG) | Schweizer, Beat (Tübingen RWG)
Niemeyer, Hans Georg (Hamburg) I. General (CT) [German version] A. Terminology (CT) A peculiarity of the discipline is the absence of a generally accepted concept of Classical Archeology (CA), which in a good third of German-speaking universities is simply called Archaeology, either by way of obvious simplification or by way of conscious extension of the subject-matter, thereby sacrificing the aspect and claim of the ‘Classical’. One of its most prominent research bodies, the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut [20; 55; 89], was founded in Rome in 1829 as the Istituto di corrispond…