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Author(s): Binder, Vera (Gießen) | Schwemer, Daniel (Würzburg) | Quack, Joachim (Berlin) | Rieken, Elisabeth (Berlin)
[German version] I. General ‘Multilingualism’ refers to two different things: on the one hand the ability of an individual to use several languages, on the other hand a situation where, within a social group, several languages are used (linguistic contact). As a result, research into multilingualism can look at multilingual individuals or a multilingual society; accordingly, points of contact arise to psycho- and neurolinguistics on the one hand or to sociolinguistics and historical linguistics (des…

Weather gods

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Author(s): Schwemer, Daniel (Würzburg)
[German version] The cult of the Sumerian god Iškur can be documented for Babylonia from the early 3rd. millennium BC. He was the head of the pantheon of the Middle Babylonian city of Karkar, but remained less significant beyond this area. Iškur was attributed with the threatening power of storms, but also with the rains beneficial for vegetation. Just as Ninurta, he was regarded as a fighter against the power of chaos, and vice versa, Ninurta displayed traits of a storm god in this context. As ea…