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Russian Church Music

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Author(s): Totzke, Irenäus
[German Version] This heading covers the musical cultures of the church among the three East Slavic peoples (historically: [Great] Russians, White Russians, and Little Russians) of Tsarist Russia and the former Soviet Union. Although there is no agreement about precise ethnic nomenclature within this territory, outside it – in part because of the official language usage in Tsarist Russia – people still tend to prefer to lump the phenomena in question together as Russian or Russian Orthodox church music. In addition, Russian authorities like Johann v. Gardner reject the term church mu…

Church Music

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Author(s): Foley, Edward | Totzke, Irenäus | Ruff, Anthony William | Körndle, Franz | Westermeyer, Paul | Et al.
[German Version] I. Sources in Antiquity – II. Early Church – III. Eastern Churches – IV. Western Churches – V. Present – VI. Legal Issues – VII. Church Music Training I. Sources in Antiquity There is one lone musical reference (Gen 4:21) in the earliest OT strata, suggesting a minor role for music in Israel before c. 1200 bce. With the migration into Canaan, Israelite music-making flourished as exemplified by evidence of dirges (2 Sam 1:19–27), war songs (Num 21:14f.), victory songs (Exod 15:1–18, 20), magical incantations …