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Author(s): Hollenweger, Walter J.
1. Term The Pentecostal movement divides into three not always clearly distinct streams: (1) the so-called Pentecostal churches (our present theme), (2) the charismatic movement, and (3) a new type of “nonwhite indigenous churches” (D. Barrett), also known rather loosely as independent churches. All three streams flow from the same historical source. According to Barrett and T. Johnson the movement embraces 570 million adherents (2004). More than half of these believers belong to the classic Pentecostal churches. We must handle the statistics wit…


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Author(s): Küenzlen, Gottfried | Sparn, Walter | Stolz, Fritz | Hollenweger, Walter J.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies 1. Terminology. Like the equivalent German term Aberglaube, the word superstition is pejorative in tone and so is inherently critical and polemical: to speak of superstition as a perverted belief implies that the speaker is doing so from the perspective of correct belief or knowledge. 2. Semantic history. The normative, judgmental character of the term shaped its semantic history. In ancient Rome, superstitio was used to describe an exaggerated religious anxiety, just as Greek δεισιδαιμονία/ deisidaimonía meant anxious servility toward …