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Author(s): Kühlmann, Wilhelm
[German Version] I. Societas Roseae Crucis Societas Roseae Crucis (or Rosae Crucis or Rosaceae Crucis) is the name of a notional society of Protestant (initially primarily Lutheran) intellectuals of the earth 17th century, with a historical presence extending into Masonic and hermetic circles of the 18th century (Freemasons; Hermeticism: II, 4). The movement originated in Tübingen, in a group gathered around the young theologian J.V. Andreae and Tobias Hess (1568–1614), a jurisprudent and lay physician; the g…


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Author(s): Sparn, Walter | Hüttel, Richard | Mikuda-Hüttel, Barbara | Kühlmann, Wilhelm | Hagel, Doris
[German Version] I. Use and History of the Term – II. Architecture and Landscaping – III. Painting and Sculpture – IV. Literature – V. Music I. Use and History of the Term Initially a pejorative designation for irregular and un-natural elements of architecture following the Renaissance, the term “Baroque” has, since J. Burckhardt (1855) and Heinrich Wölfflin (1888), been revaluated into a term describing an artistic,…