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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἱπποτο/αμάδαι; Hippoto/amádai). Attic asty?-deme of the phyle Oeneis, from 307/6 BC until 201/200 BC of Demetrias, with one bouleutḗs. Location unknown. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography E. Meyer, s.v. H., RE Suppl. 10, 325f. Traill, Attica, 9, 19, 49, 62, 70, 110 no. 56, table 6, 12 Id., Demos and Trittys, 1986, 133.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Θράσυμος; Thrásymos). Significant mining area in the Attic deme of Sunium in Laurium, connected with other mining areas by roads, located in the Botsari valley on account of the site where IG II2 2638 was found . Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography H. Lohmann, Atene, 1993, Index s. v. Th., ill. 12.

Prasia, Prasiae

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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Πρασία/ Prasía, Πρασίαι/ Prasíai). Attic paralia deme, phyle Pandionis, three bouleutaí. P. and Stiria lay on the Bay of Porto Raphti (modern Limen Mesogeias), where the place name has survived as Pras(i)as (Str. 9,1,22; Thuc. 8,95,1; Liv. 31,45,10; Steph. Byz. s. v. Π.; [4. 67 ff.]). Settlement remains can be found in the boundaries of Natso [1; 2]. Paus. 1,31,1 records a Temple of Apollo, IG II2 4977 a cult of the Heraclides. In 286/5 BC, P. and Stiria were relocated to the Coronea peninsula and fortified [3; 4]; in 262 BC, the Macedonians took the fortress by storm. Lohman…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Οἰνηίς/ Oinēís). After Cleisthenes' [2] phyle reform (508/7 BC) the sixth of the ten Attic phylai, with eponymous hero Οἰνεύς/ Oineús (Paus. 1,5,2). In the 4th cent. it had thirteen dḗmoi, eight in the asty trittys, two (?) in the paralia trittys, and four in the mesogeia trittys. Three dḗmoi switched in 307/6-201/0 BC to the Macedonian phyle of Demetrias, Butadae in 224/3 to Ptolemaïs, Tyrmeidae in 201/200 to Attalis, and Thria in 127/8 AD to Hadrianis. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica, 9, 19f., 23, 28, 48ff., 55, 57, 71, 102, 105f., 133, table 6  J.S.…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Κίκυννα; Kíkynna). Attic mesogeia deme of the phyle  Acamantis, two (three) bouleutai. Only one deme of C. is verifiable [1. 83; 3. 20]. Its location is uncertain (Chalidou? [1. 48; 2]). Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 Traill, Attica, 19, 48, 59, 68, 83, 110 no. 67, table 5 2 J. S. Traill, Demos and Trittys, 1986, 132 3 Whitehead, Index s.v. K.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Αἰγηίς; Aigēís). Following the reforms by  Cleisthenes A. was the second of the ten Attic phyles (IG II/III2 1740 ff.), named after the eponymous hero  Aegeus. In the 4th cent. BC, Aegeis comprised the following demes: eight   asty- , five   paralia- and eight   mesogeia . In 308/7 BC, four of those changed over to the Macedonian phyles of  Antigonis or  Demetrias; following their dissolution in 201/200 BC, they rejoined the A.  Cydantidae transferred in 224/3 BC to the  Ptolemais,  Icarium in 201/200 BC t…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἱπποθοντίς; Hippothontís). Since Cleistenes' reform of the phyles, the 8th of 10 phyles of Attica; eponymous hero Hippothoon. At the time of the 10 phyles in the 4th cent. BC, the H. comprised 17 (6? asty-, 7? paralia, 4? mesogeia-) demes [1. 11f., 51f., 102] primarily around Eleusis and in north-west Attica; several are not located [1. map]. In 307/6 BC Coele and Oenoe (modern Myupolis) changed to the Demetrias, Auridae or Corydallus to the Antigonis, in 224/3 BC Oion Dekeleikon and Oenoe (from the Demetrias) to the …


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Κρωπίδαι; Krōpídai). Attic mesogea deme of the Leontis phyle, a bouleutḗs, also attested as Κρωπιάς or Κρῶπες (Steph. Byz. s.v. Κρωπιά), Κρωπίδης demoticon. Cropia was probably the name of the region [2. 2019]. Κλωπίδαι, which is also attested on inscriptions (Aristoph. Equ. 79) [2], possibly belonged to Aphidna [3. 90f., 116 no. 19; 4. 55, 62]. In 431 BC  Archidamus [1] travelled to Acharnae through C., which is located by [3. 47; 4. 131] to the west of Ano Liosia (Thuc. 2,19). With Eupyr…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) | Lafond, Yves (Bochum) | von Bredow, Iris (Bietigheim-Bissingen)
(Λίμναι; Límnai). [German version] [1] Oldest sanctuary to Dionysus in the municipal area of Athens Oldest sanctuary to Dionysus ἐν Λίμναις ( en Límnais) in the municipal area of Athens south of the Acropolis (Thuc. 2,15,4), now localized in the area of the Makrygianni/Chatzchristou streets [2. 332 fig. 219, 379, 435]. The identification with a triangular temenos on the south-western slope of the Areopagus [1; 3] is obsolete [2. 274f. fig. 351]. The sanctuary was opened only on the second day of the Anthesteria, the 12th day of the month of Anthesterion. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliograph…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Προβάλινθος/ Probálinthos, with the demoticon Προβαλίσιος/ Probalísios). Attic paralia deme of the phyle Pandionis [2], from 200 BC of the phyle Attalis, with five bouleutaí; name pre-Greek; on the eastern coast of Attica at modern Nea Makri, where there is also a significant Neolithic settlement [1; 2]. P., Marathon, Oenoe [5] and Tricory(n)thus formed the cult union of the Tetrapolis of Marathon (Str. 8,7,1; IG II2 2933). At the time of Pliny in the 1st cent. AD, P. had been depopulated (Plin. HN 4,24). Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 M. Pantelidou-Gopha, Η ν…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Λακιάδαι; Lakiádai). Attic deme, gave its name to the asty trittys of the phyle Oeneis (IG I3 1120), with two (three) bouleutaí; originally the name of an Attic family. Steph. Byz. s.v. Λ. transmits Λακιά as a place name, with the demoticon Λακιεύς. Its location on the Sacred Road east of the Cephis(s)us [2] is confirmed by Paus. 1,37,2, who (ibid.) attests a temenos of the eponymous hero Lacius, the grave of the kithara player Nicocles of Tarentum, an altar to Zephyrus and a sanctuary to Demeter, Kore, Athena and Poseidon. The sacred fig tr…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ὑμηττός; Hymēttós, name pre-Greek [17]). Mountain in Attica, modern Imittos, earlier Trelovuni, Turkish Deli Dağ (height 1027 m). H., which is mostly deforested today, consists of Triassic limestone, micaceous slate, marble and other metamorphites [19]. It isolates the pedíon of Athens in the south-east from the Attic mesógaia. From the defile between Pentelicon and H. near Stavro in the north it stretches over 22 km to the Saronic Gulf by Cape Zoster in the south [14]. The gorge of Pirnari separates the northern ‘great H.’ (μέγας Ὑ./ mégas H.) from the southern ‘…


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Author(s): Freitag, Klaus (Münster) | Külzer, Andreas (Vienna) | Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
(Σχοινοῦς/ Schoinoûs, literally '(bul)rushes'). [German version] [1] River in Boeotia River in the area of Thebes in Boeotia (Σχοινεύς/ Schoineús in Steph. Byz. s. v. Σχοινοῦς/ Schoinoûs; Stat. Theb. 7,268; Nonnus, Dion. 13,63; Nic. Ther. 889) which flowed through the region or town of Schoenus (about 9 km from Thebae; modern Muriki) (Str. 9,2,22 or Hom. Il. 2,497) and into Trephia Limne (modern Lake Paralimni). According to  Steph. Byz. loc.cit., S. was derived from one of the sons of the Theban hero Athamas. Freitag, Klaus (Münster) Bibliography Fossey, 229-232. [German version] […


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (μεσόγεια, mesógeia), the inland area of Attica. Since Cleisthenes' reform of the tribes [4. 157ff.], each of the ten Attic phýlai consisted of one trittýs (‘third’) each of dḗmoi from a sty, m esógeia and p aralia (Aristot. Ath. Pol. 21,4) [1; 2. 251ff.; 4. 159]. In classical times the 10 mesógeia trittýes included approximately 47 dḗmoi [3. 125ff.]. Attica (with map); Demos [2] Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 M. H. Hansen, Asty, M. and Paralia, in: CeM 41, 1990, 51-54 2 P. J. Rhodes, A Commentary on the Aristotelian Athenaion Politeia, 1981 3 J. S. Traill, Demos and …


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ὄα/ Óa, Ὀά/ ; demotikon Ὀα(ι)εύς/ Oa(i)eús, Ὄαθεν/Ó athen or Οἴαθεν/ Oíathen [1]). Attic mesogeia deme of the phyle of Pandionis, and from 1AD 27/8 of the Hadrianis, with four bouleutaí. Finds of funerary inscriptions point to the neighbourhood of Spata: IG II2 7820 (FO Papangelaki), IG II2 7816, 7817, 7825 (FO Velanideza). For métoikoi in O. cf. [2. 84]. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 S. Dow, The Attic Demes Oa and Oe, in: AJPh 84, 1963, 166-181 2 Whitehead, Index s.v. O. Traill, Attica, 8, 17f., 42 with notes 14, 43, 62, 68, 111 no. 91 pl. 3, 15  J.S. Traill, Demos…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Λειψύδριον; Leipsýdrion). Town on the Parnes in the Attic deme of Paeonidae [2], fortified by the Alcmaeonidae shortly before [3] or after the murder of Hipparchus in 514 BC in the battles with the Peisistratidae. Identification uncertain. The fortress near modern Karagufolesa supposed to be L. dates to the 4th/3rd cents. BC [1]. Sources: Hdt. 5,62,2; Aristoph. Lys. 665 with schol.; Aristot. Ath. Pol. 19,3. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 J. R. McCredie, Fortified Military Camps in Attica (Hesperia Suppl. 11), 1966, 58ff. fig. 11 pl. 12d 2 P. J. Rhodes, A Commen…


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Author(s): Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) | Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) | Lafond, Yves (Bochum)
(Οἰνόη/ Oinóē). [German version] [1] Arcadian nymph, mother of Pan Arcadian nymph, mother of Pan (schol. Eur. Rhes. 36), nurse of Zeus (Paus. 8,47,3). Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) [German version] [2] Wife of Nicodamas Wife of Nicodamas, mother of Mopsus, transformed into a crane as punishment for arrogance (Antoninus Liberalis 16, see also Gerana). Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) [German version] [3] Eponymous lady of the Attic deme of O. [5] Eponymous lady of the Attic deme of O. [5], sister of Epochus (Paus. 1,33,8). Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) [German version] [4] Attic paralia deme of the phyle of Hippothontis At…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἐπιεικίδαι; Epieikídai). Attic asty or mesogeia deme of the phyle Cecropis. One  bouleutes. In the years 303/2 and 281/0 BC, E. was without council representative. The location is unknown. Trittys-affiliation uncertain [1. 135, 13533]. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 J. S. Traill, Demos and Trittys, 1986. Traill, Attica 11, 20, 51, 62, 70, 110 no. 39, table 7 Whitehead, 266, 372, 379, 428.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἀμφιτροπή; Amphitropḗ). Attic   paralia deme of the phyle  Antiochis (IG II2 1750). Two bouleutai. From [3] onwards localized near Metropisi, nowadays in the Legrena valley with the deme's centre at Sinterina-Pussipelia [1. 88 ff.]. Its borders with  Atene in the west on Mount Megalo Baphi, and with  Sounion in the east on Mount Spitharopussi are marked by rock-hewn   horos inscriptions [1. 54; 2 (new find in 1994)]. A. with its evidence of eight to nine mines was one of the smaller exploitation areas ( Mining) of  Laurion. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 H. Lo…


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Author(s): Zimmermann, Bernhard (Freiburg) | Sonnabend, Holger (Stuttgart) | Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
(Πύρρα/ Pýrrha). [German version] [1] Daughter of Epimetheus In Greek mythology daughter of Epimetheus (brother of Prometheus) and Pandora and wife of  Deucalion. She and her husband were the only people to survive the flood sent over the earth by Zeus to punish the people of the Bronze Age; on the advice of Prometheus they built a boat on which they sailed around for nine days and nine nights. Deucalion and P. created a new race of people (Pind. Ol. 9,43-56; Ov. Met. 1,318-415), by - on the instruction…
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