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Author(s): Binder, Carsten (Kiel)
(Ἴφικλος; Íphiklos). [German version] [1] Son of Phylacus Son of  Phylacus [1] (or of Cephalus: Paus. 10,29,6) and  Clymene [4], husband of Astyoche (or Diomede), father of  Podarces and  Protesilaus (Hom. Il. 2,704 f.; 13,698; Hom. Od. 11,289-297; 15,225-239). His father promised  Melampus [1] a large herd of cattle if he freed I. from his infertility, for which the sacrilege of the father was to blame (Paus. 4,36,3; Apollod. 1,98-102). The speed of I. was proverbial (Hom. Il. 23,636; Paus. 5,17,10). Binder, Carsten (Kiel) [German version] [2] Son of Thestius Son of  Thestius from …


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Author(s): Binder, Carsten (Kiel) | Kinzl, Konrad (Peterborough) | Zimmermann, Bernhard (Freiburg) | Nutton, Vivian (London)
(Θεσσαλός/ Thessalós). [German version] [1] Eponym of the Greek territory of Thessaly Eponym of the Greek territory of Thessaly (Thessalians, Thessalia; Plin. HN 4,28), son of Haemon [1] (Rhianus FGrH 265 F 30), of the Heraclid Aeatus (Charax FGrH 103 F 6) or of Iason [1] and Medea (Diod. Sic. 4,54 f.). Binder, Carsten (Kiel) [German version] [2] Of Athens, son of Peisistratus [4] Athenian, son of Peisistratus [4]. Not named in Herodotus, T. first appears in Thucydides (1,20,2; 6,55,1) as a childless full brother of Hippias [1] and Hipparchus [1] from t…


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Author(s): Binder, Carsten (Kiel) | Meier, Mischa (Bielefeld) | Cobet, Justus (Essen) | Meister, Klaus (Berlin)
(Πολύδωρος/ Polýdōros, Lat. Polydorus). [German version] [1] King of Thebes, son of Cadmus King of Thebes, son of Cadmus [1] and Harmonia (Hes. Theog. 978; Eur. Phoen. 8; Hyg. Fab. 179), husband of Nyctis who was one of Nycteus' daughters (Apollod. 3,40). According to Pausanias, P. succeeded Cadmus to the Theban throne (Paus. 9,5,3). In Euripides, on the other hand, P. is not the heir apparent - there, an aged Cadmus hands the Theban throne to his grandson Pentheus (Eur. Bacch. 43 f. and 213). Although early…


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Author(s): Binder, Carsten (Kiel)
[German version] (Θεοφάνη; Theophánē). Beautiful and desired daughter of Bisaltes [2], turned by Poseidon into a sheep with which he in the form of a ram fathers the golden ram which carries Phrixus and Helle over the sea (Hyg. Fab. 3; 188; Ov. Met. 6,117). Binder, Carsten (Kiel)


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Author(s): Binder, Carsten (Kiel)
[German version] (Πυραίχμης/ Pyraíchmēs). Commander of the Paeonians (Paeones) in the Trojan War; he leads them from Amydon to the aid of his allies the Trojans (Hom. Il. 2,848-850, Apollod. Epit. 3,34). He kills Eudorus [1] (Timolaus FHG 4,521) and is then killed by Patroclus [1]. P. was buried in Troy (tomb epigraph Aristot. Peplos 47). The fact that Asteropaeus, the grandson of the river god Axius, is also named as the leader of the Paeonians (Hom. Il. 21,140 f.; 21,154-160), but is not mentioned in the catalogue of Trojans - although he plays a disproportionately larger role in the Iliad -…


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Author(s): Binder, Carsten (Kiel)
(Θερσίλοχος; Thersílochos). [German version] [1] Paeonian Paeonian, follower of Asteropaeus, killed by Achilles [1] at Scamander (Hom. Il. 21,209). Binder, Carsten (Kiel) [German version] [2] Trojan, son of Antenor in Vergil Trojan, according to Verg. Aen. 6,483 f. the son of Antenor [1], companion of Hector in battle (Hom. Il. 17,216), later killed by Turnus [1]  (Verg. Aen. 12,363). Binder, Carsten (Kiel)

Rhadine und Leontichos

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Author(s): Binder, Carsten (Kiel)
[English version] (Ῥαδίνη, Λεόντιχος). Unglückliches Liebespaar einer griech. Volkssage, die nach der Hauptquelle Strab. 8,3,20 von Stesichoros behandelt wurde (PMGF Spur. 278 Davies). Da dort nur von παῖδες Σάμιοι (“Kindern aus Samos”) die Rede ist, ist nicht eindeutig zu entscheiden, wo die Handlung verortet ist. Strabon verlegt die Sage ins triphylische Samos, Pausanias kennt aber auf der ionischen Insel Samos ein Grabmal des Liebespaares - ein Wallfahrtsort für unglücklich Verliebte - auf dem …


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Author(s): Binder, Carsten (Kiel)
[English version] (Πετεώς). Mythischer König von Athen (Hom. Il. 4,338), Sohn des Orneus (Paus. 2,25,6) und Vater des Menestheus [1] (Hom. Il. 2,552). P. soll, von Aigeus aus Athen vertrieben, mit Einwohnern des Demos Stiria die Polis Stiris in Phokis gegründet haben (Paus. 10,35,8). In ägypt. Überl. soll der Ägypter Petes der Vater des Menestheus und Herrscher in Athen gewesen sein (Diod. 1,28,6). Binder, Carsten (Kiel)


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Author(s): Binder, Carsten (Kiel)
(Πολυδώρα). [English version] [1] Okeanide Eine der Okeaniden (Hes. theog. 354). Binder, Carsten (Kiel) [English version] [2] Tochter des Danaos Tochter des Danaos, vom Flußgott Spercheios (Nikandros fr. 41 Schneider) oder Peneios (Pherekydes FGrH 3 F 8) Mutter des Dryops. Binder, Carsten (Kiel) [English version] [3] Halbschwester des Achilleus Tochter des Peleus und der Antigone [2], (Halb-)Schwester des Achilleus [1] (Pherekydes FGrH 3 F 61; Apollod. 3,163), empfängt vom Flußgott Spercheios den Menesthios [2], der dennoch als Sohn ihres Gema…
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