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Asia Minor

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Author(s): Schwemer, Daniel | Schuler, Christof | Rutgers, Leonard V. | Breytenbach, Cilliers | Ursinus, Michael | Et al.
[German Version] I. Geography – II. History – III. Society – IV. Religions – V. Literature I. Geography “Asia Minor” serves as the historical designation of the peninsula between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea; its eastern boundary is marked by the Amanus, the Anti-Taurus, and the upper reaches of the Euphrates (Turkey). To the north and south, coastal mountain ranges (t…


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Author(s): Leriche, Pierre | Sed-Rajna, Gabrielle | Rutgers, Leonard V.
[German Version] I. History of Religions – II. Jewish Community – III. Christian Community I. History of Religions The site of ruins (discovered in 1921) situated in southeastern Syria on the right bank of the upper Euphrates near modern As-Salihiya was founded (“Europos”) before 280 bce by Seleukos I Nicator (Seleucids). From 113 bce until its conquest by the Romans in 165 ce, the city was under Parthian dominion (“Dura” = fortification). After its destruction by the Sassanides in 256 and as a result of the alteration in the course of the Euphrates, Dura-Europos became desolate. ¶ The e…