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Stupperich, Robert

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Author(s): Brecht, Martin
[German Version] (Sep 13, 1904, Moscow – Sep 4, 2003, Münster), studied Protestant theology and Eastern European history in Berlin, earning his habilitation in 1940. He was awarded an honorary D.theol. in 1953. He served as a pastor in the Confessing Church under O. Dibelius, whose biography he published in 1989. His 1930 dissertation on union negotiations between Catholics and Protestants in the 1530s was pioneering. From 1946 to 1972, he taught as professor of church history in Münster; he was h…


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Author(s): Brecht, Martin
[English Version] Stupperich, Robert (13.9.1904 Moskau – 4.9.2003 Münster), Studium der ev. Theol. bei K. Holl als prägendem Lehrer und der osteur. Gesch. (Habil. 1940) in Berlin (D. theol. 1953), Pfarrer der Bekennenden Kirche unter O. Dibelius (Biogr. 1989). Die Diss. »Unionsverhandlungen zw. Katholiken und Protestanten 1530–1540« (1930) wurde zu einer Weichenstellung. 1946–1972 Prof. für Kirchengesch. in Münster mit überaus fruchtbarer Tätigkeit als Autor, Hg. und Rezensent, auch noch als Emerit…

Hahn, Johann Michael

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Author(s): Brecht, Martin
[German Version] (authentically, only Michael; Feb 2, 1758, Altdorf near Böblingen – Jan 20, 1819, Sindlingen near Herrenberg), from a peasant background and, by profession even a farm hand, became within Württembergian Pietism, under the influence of J.A. Bengel, F.C. Oetinger and P.M. Hahn, a high-profile theosophic systematician (Theosophy) and an adherent of J. Böhme, with whom he shared the constitutive experience of the central view in which God is intuitively grasped in his will to create a…


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Author(s): Brecht, Martin | Lindberg, Carter
1. Term, Movement, Time Span Contemporary scholars characterize Continental Pietism, along with its sibling, Anglo-Saxon Puritanism, as the most significant movement of religious renewal in Protestantism since the Reformation. Arising in the 17th century in the context of a perceived failure to realize the promise of the Reformation in terms of reforming and renewing Christian life as well as doctrine, Pietism pressed for the individualization and interiorization of religious life, developed new form…


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Author(s): Hermle, Siegfried | Brecht, Martin
[German Version] 1. Jakob , (Mar 25, 1528, Waiblingen – Jan 7, 1590, Tübingen) in 1546 he married Johanna Entringer (died 1583); they had 18 children. In 1541 he studied in Tübingen, became deacon in 1546 (Stuttgart), was dismissed in 1548 because of the Augsburg Interim, and became a catechete in Tübingen. In 1553 he became pastor and (general) superintende…