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Author(s): Olshausen, Eckart (Stuttgart) | Sinn, Ulrich (Würzburg) | Decker, Wolfgang (Köln)
Dieser Ort ist auf folgenden Karten verzeichnet: Ägäische Koine | Athleten | Bildung | Dunkle Jahrhunderte | Makedonia, Makedones | Mykenische Kultur und Archäologie | Orakel | Punische Kriege (Ὀλυμπία, lat. Olympia). I. Geschichte [English version] A. Vorgeschichte O. lag in der Pisatis (östl. Peloponnesos), also im Territorium von Pisa, eines Ortes, dessen Existenz bzw. Lage schon in der Ant. umstritten war. Doch ist Pisa ein wichtiges Element im Mythos von der Entstehung des Heiligtums von O. und der hier gefeierten Spiele (Oinom…


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Author(s): Olshausen, Eckart (Stuttgart) | Sinn, Ulrich (Würzburg) | Decker, Wolfgang (Cologne)
This item can be found on the following maps: Dark Ages | Macedonia, Macedones | Mycenaean culture and archaeology | Oracles | Punic Wars | Athletes | Aegean Koine | Education / Culture (Ὀλυμπία/ Olympía, Latin Olympia). I. History [German version] A. Prehistory O. was located in the Pisatis (eastern Peloponnese), i.e. in the region of Pisa. The existence and location of Pisa  was already disputed in antiquity. However, the town is an important element in the myth of the origin of the shrine of O. and the games held there (Oenomaus [1], …


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Author(s): Sinn, Ulrich (Würzburg)
Sinn, Ulrich (Würzburg) A. Reception (CT) [German version] 1. Antiquity and Early Byzantine Period (CT) The cultic festival of Olympia (O.) or rather the agons held in this context experienced their first reception already in Antiquity. In the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire alone, Olympic or Isolympic games were held in at least 38 cities. Even though some of these festivals did not refer to the Olympic agon, but more generally to the cult of Zeus Olympios or specifically to the Hadrianic institution with the same name, documentary ev…