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Coke, Thomas

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Author(s): Wigger, John H.


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Author(s): Noll, Mark A. | Pfleiderer, Georg | Ward, W. Reginald | Wigger, John H. | Price, Lynne
[German Version] I. Confession – II. Church History – III. Methodist World Mission I. Confession Methodism arose as a movement of spiritual renewal in the established Anglican Church of England and Wales in the 1730s and 1740s. Its earliest, least organized phase reflected the influence of three important antecedents – the evangelical Calvinist Puritans, the Pietists of Halle (Pietism), and the Moravians, and a high-church Anglican tradition (High church movement) that had promoted an ideal of the primitive church and a practice of voluntary societies for spiritual nurture. The word “Methodist” was one of the terms of abuse applied to p…

O’Kelly, James

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Author(s): Wigger, John H.
[German Version] (c. 1735, Ireland or Virginia – Oct 16, 1826, Chatham County, NC). O’Kelly was converted to Methodism at a Methodist meeting around 1774. After serving from 1778 as an itinerant Methodist preacher in Virginia and North Carolina, he was ordained an elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1784. Although he had little formal education, O’Kelly was a gifted and popular preacher, and built up a large following in southern Virginia. In 1792 he left the Methodist Episcopal Church beca…

Garrettson, Freeborn

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Author(s): Wigger, John H.
[German Version] (Aug 15, 1752, Harford County, MD – Sep 26, 1827, New York, NY), was born into a prominent family of the Church of England. He was converted under the preaching of F. Asbury. After joining the Methodists, he freed his slaves and became a Methodist itinerant preacher in 1776. Between 1776 and 1793 he traveled 160,000 km. After preaching widely in the American south and in Nova Scotia, Garrettson made a preaching tour in New York. Despite opposition from her wealthy and politically …