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Uzziel Family

(5,880 words)

Author(s): Joseph Tedghi
The theophoric biblical name Uzziel “God is my strength” (Ex 6:18; Nm 3:19) became a widespread patronym over the course of time, especially in medieval Spain. Following the expulsion of the Jews from Iberia in 1492, the Uzziel family spread to various countries around the Mediterranean. We thus find illustrious figures bearing this name in Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Morocco, and more precisely in Fez, where, for two centuries, they made their mark on the intellectual life of the Jewish communit…

Tunisian Judeo-Arabic

(7,777 words)

Author(s): Joseph Tedghi
In the territory that now corresponds to Tunisia and which they have inhabited ever since ancient times, the Jews have used various different languages: Hebrew, the Aramaic they brought with them before adopting the languages of the conquerors, Latin and Neo-Punic in the Roman period, and probably also Berber. After the conquest of the Maghreb by the Arabs they familiarized themselves with Arabic. They used it for more than a thousand years before progressively adopting French from the late nine…