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Haberkorn, Peter

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Author(s): Matthias, Markus
[German Version] (May 9, 1604, Butzbach – Apr 5, 1676, Gießen), Lutheran theologian. Orphaned in 1617, Haberkorn came in 1620 to K. Dieterich at the gymasium in Ulm, studied primarily …

Brunnemann, Johannes

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Author(s): Matthias, Markus
[German Version] (Apr 7, 1608, Cölln/Spree – Dec 15, 1672, Frankfurt/Oder) was a Protestant jurist; after studying in Wittenberg and Frankfurt/Oder (Professor of Logic there in 1636), the pastor's son began a jurist's life and became Professor of Law at Frankfurt/ Oder in 1653, and, after 1664, adviser to the Prince Elector. He gained importance in Brandenburg-Prussia through his works on the Inquisition proceedings ( Tractatus Iuridicus De Inquisitionis Processu, 1647, 91714) and church law ( De Iure Ecclesiastico: Tractatus Posthumus, 1681…

Hunn (Hunnius)

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Author(s): Matthias, Markus
[German Version] 1. Aegidius (Giles; Dec 21, 1550, Winnenden – Apr 4, 1603, Wittenberg), Lutheran theologian. Having been one of J. Heerbrand's students in Tübingen, he became a deacon in Tübingen in 1574, pastor and professor of theology in Marburg in 1576, and provost and professor in Wittenberg in 1592. In the course of denominational formation within Protestantism, Hunn played a decisive part in the advance of Lutheranism in (Upper) Hesse and Kursachsen in terms of theology and church politics. …


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Author(s): Matthias, Markus
[German Version] 1. Meno (Mar 1, 1595, Blexen – Feb 17, 1671, Lübeck) Lutheran theologian. After studies in Gießen (1618 M.A.) and a co-rectorate (1619) in Oldenburg, Hanneken b…

Pareus (Wängler), David

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Author(s): Matthias, Markus
[German Version] (Gk form; actually Wängler; Dec 30, 1548, Frankenstein, Silesia – Jun 15, 1622, Heidelberg), Reformed theologian. In 1566 Pareus followed his teacher Christoph Schilling, a disciple of Melanchthon who had been dismissed from Hirschberg, to Amberg, and from there went to study at Sapientia College in Heidelberg. After working as pastor in Lower Schlettenbach (May 1571), and as lecturer at Sapientia College (October 1571), Pareus became pastor in Hemsberg (August 1573), where he int…

Asseburg, Rosamunde Juliane von der

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Author(s): Matthias, Markus
[German Version] (Nov 1672, Eggenstedt near Oschersleben – Nov 8, 1712, Johannishausen [Jahnishausen] near Dresden) experienced various types of visions and auditions from early childhood. Her case caused J.W. and J.E. Petersen, who had provided a home for her since 1691, to raise the critical question for Pietism as to whether God is still revealing himself directly, regardless of the sufficiency of Holy Scripture. After the dismissal of the Petersens (1692), Asseburg lived at various courts of nobility in central and eastern Germany. Markus Matthias Bibliography M. Matthias, “J…


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Author(s): Matthias, Markus
[English Version] (gräzisiert aus Wängler), David (30.12.1548 Frankenstein, Schlesien – 15.6.1622 Heidelberg), ref. Theologe; P. folgte 1566 seinem in Hirschberg entlassenen philippistischen Lehrer Christoph Schilling nach Amberg und zog von dort zum Studium nach Heidelberg (Sapienzkolleg). Nach einem Pfarramt in Niederschlettenbach (Mai 1571) und einer Dozentur am Sapienzkolleg (Oktober 1571) wurde P. Pfarrer in Hemsberg (August 1573), wo er den ref. Kultus einführte. Während der Regierung des luth.…