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Author(s): Pobee, John S.
[German Version] The stretch of land on the West coast of Africa, covering a stretch of 320 km and a width of 10 km on both sides of the Lower valley of River Gambia, was a British colony until its independence in 1965. Its population of 1,025,867 (1993) is multi-ethnic: Mandingo or Mandinka (42%), Fulani (18%), Wolof (16%), Jolan (10%), Serahuli (9%), and Aku, who are descendents of freed slaves. From 1965 until 1970 it had a monarchic government within the Commonwealth. In 1970 Gambia became a r…


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Author(s): Pobee, John S.
[German Version] Ghana, formerly a British colony (Gold Coast) on the West Coast of Africa (map) and with a land space of 238,533 km2, consists of terrain plains, scrubland, rain forest, and savanna. It gained independence on Mar 6, 1957. Ghana was the first Black African country to achieve independence in modern history. While colonial historiography presents Ghana as a nation created by British administration out of congeries of tribes, current historiography states that early on there was the Greater Ashanti, which…

Sawyerr, Harry Alphonso Ebun

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Author(s): Pobee, John S.
[German Version] (Oct 16, 1909, Bona Sakrim, Mende, Sierra Leone – 1986), Anglican priest (from 1943) and pioneer African theologian (Third World theology: II). He received his education and his life’s work in Church Missionary Society institutions, and was principal of Fourah Bay College (1962–1974) and vice-chancellor of the University of ¶ Sierra Leone (1970–1972). Mende culture, into which he was socialized from infancy, became praeparatio evangelica for incarnational African theology, emphasizing the uniqueness of Christ. Liturgy and liturgical innovation…

Ordination and Post-Ordination Education and Training

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Author(s): Bauer, Karl-Adolf | Rau, Stefan | Schneider, Johann | Pobee, John
[German Version] I. Early Church and Middle Ages – II. Protestantism (Germany) – III. Roman Catholic Church after Trent – IV. Orthodox Church – V. Non-Catholic Churches outside Germany I. Early Church and Middle Ages The New Testament contains scattered statements about the personal qualifications required of someone holding ministerial office in the church (e.g. 1 Tim 3:2–13; Tit 1:6–9) but says nothing about their training. Since the gospel implies understanding and address persons, the question of the theological education and…