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Author(s): Phan, Peter
[English Version] Pallu, François (30.8.1626 Tours, Frankreich – 29.10.1684 Moyang, China). Nach seiner Bischofsweihe in Rom am 17.11.1658 wurde P. Apostolischer Vikar von Tonkin (Nordregion Vietnams). Zurück in Paris, gründete er zwei Jahre später zur Unterstützung seiner Missionsarbeit die Pariser Mission (MEP). 1664 traf er in Siam (Thailand) Pierre Lambert de la Motte (1624–1679), den Apostolischen Vikar von Cochinchina (Südregion Vietnams). Die beiden Bischöfe bereiteten sich darauf vor, in ih…

Pallu, François

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Author(s): Phan, Peter
[German Version] (Aug 30, 1626, Tours, France – Oct 29, 1684, Moyang, China). After his episcopal ordination in Rome on Nov 17, 1658, Pallu became vicar apostolic of Tonkin (the northern region of Vietnam). Back in Paris, two years later he founded the Société des Missions Étrangères de Paris to support missionary work. In 1664 Pallu left for Siam (Thailand) where he met Pierre Lambert de la Motte (1624–1679), vicar apostolic of Cochinchina (the southern region of Vietnam). The two bishops prepare…

Viet Nam

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Author(s): Phan, Peter C.
1. General Situation The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, in southeast Asia, is bordered on the west by Cambodia and Laos, on the north by China, and on the east by the China Sea. Its two principal geographic regions, the Red River delta in the north and the Mekong River delta in the south, are connected by a narrow, mountainous strip. Its capital is Hanoi, though Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is the largest city. In 2007 the population was estimated at 85 million. Though there are 54 ethnic groups, the population is largely homogeneous, with the Viet, also known as the Kinh…


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Author(s): Phan, Peter C.
[English Version] Rhodes, Alexandre de (15.3.1593 Avignon – 5.11.1660 Isfahan), franz. Missionar in Vietnam und Repräsentant eines akkommodierenden (Akkommodation) Zugangs zu den Kulturen Asiens. Rh. trat 1612 in Rom der SJ bei, um einen Missionsauftrag nach China oder Japan zu erhalten, verließ am 20.7.1619 Lissabon und kam am 29.5.1623 nach Macao, von wo er im Dezember 1624 zunächst nach Vietnam entsandt wurde. 1627 wieder nach Macao zurückbeordert, wurde er dann zur Errichtung einer neuen Mission…

Vietnamesische Märtyrer

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Author(s): Phan, Peter Cho
[English Version] . Das Christentum erreichte Vietnam zuerst um die Mitte des 16.Jh., schlug aber bis zur Ankunft der Jesuiten (1615) kaum Wurzeln. Der erste vietnamesische Christ, der wegen seines Glaubens getötet wurde, war ein gewisser Francis, der im Dienst eines Beamten in Tonkin stand und das barmherzige Werk der Totenbestattung – zumal unter Armen – verrichtete. Der zweite M., der am 5.3.2000 von Papst Johannes Paul II. seliggesprochen wurde, war Andreas aus Phu Yen. Wenig später wurden mit…

Vietnam, Martyrs of

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Author(s): Phan, Peter Cho
[German Version] Christianity first came to Vietnam in the mid-16th century, but did not put down firm roots until 1615 with the arrival of the Jesuits. The first Vietnamese Christian to be killed for the faith was a certain Francis, who was in the service of an official in Tonkin and who used to perform the work of mercy of burying the dead, especially the poor. The second martyr, beatified by Pope John Paul II on Mar 5, 2000, was Andrew of Phu Yen. A year later, two more catechists, Ignatius and…

Rhodes, Alexandre de

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Author(s): Phan, Peter C.
[German Version] (Mar 15, 1593, Avignon – Nov 5, 1660, Isfahan, Persia), French missionary in Vietnam and representative of accommodation in approaching the cultures of Asia. Rhodes joined the Jesuit order in 1612 in Rome, in order to pursue a mis-¶ sionary vocation in China or Japan. He left Lisbon on Jul 20, 1619 and arrived at Macao on May 29, 1623; from there he was sent to Vietnam in December, 1624. In 1627 he was recalled to Macao, and was then sent to North Vietnam to found a new mission station. Initially successful as a missio…

Missio canonica

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Author(s): Drössler, Bernd T. | Phan, Peter C.
In Roman Catholic usage missio canonica (canonical sending) is formal ecclesiastical commissioning ¶ for the permanent discharge of ecclesiastical offices (Ministry, Ministerial Offices) or for some specific functional activity as a special ministry. 1. In Roman Catholic canon law missio canonica denotes the jurisdictional commissioning of clergy relative to specific tasks and ministries, but also the orderly calling of all church members (Clergy and Laity) to responsible cooperation in the church’s ministry of sanctification, proclama…

Vaticanum II

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Author(s): Hünermann, Peter | Phan, Peter Cho | Thönissen, Wolfgang
[English Version] I. Geschichte, Prozeß, Ergebnisse 1.Geschichte Das ökum. Konzil V. II (1.10.1962–8.12.1965, St. Peter, Rom) wurde am 25.1.1959 von Johannes XXIII. zum Abschluß der Weltgebetswoche angekündigt, seit der 2. Session von seinem Nachfolger Paul VI. geleitet. Es verabschiedete 16 Dokumente: vier Konstitutionen (LG, Kirche; GS, Kirche in der Welt von heute; SC, Liturgie; DV, Offenbarung), neun Dekrete (IM, Kommunikationsmittel; OE, Kath. Ostkirchen; UR, Ökumenismus; CD, Hirtenaufgabe der B…

Vatican II

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Author(s): Hünermann, Peter | Phan, Peter Cho | Thönissen, Wolfgang
[German Version] I. History, Process, Results 1. History. The Ecumenical Council Vatican II (Oct 1, 1962 – Dec 8 1965; St. Peter’s in Rome) was announced by John XXIII on Jan 25, 1959, at the conclusion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity; from the second session on, it was headed by his successor ¶ Paul VI. It adopted 16 documents (list at the end of section V of the abbreviations): four constitutions (LG, on the church; GS, on the church in the modern world; SC, on the liturgy; DV, on revelation), nine decrees (IM, on…

Catechesis and Catechetics

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Author(s): Bienert, Wolfgang A. | Fraas, Hans-Jürgen | Schoberth, Ingrid | Schweitzer, Friedrich | Phan, Peter
[German Version] I. History – II. Practical Theology – III. Latin America, Asia, Africa I. History 1. Early Church. The verb κατήχειν/ katḗchein originally denoted the oral transmission of a message in the sense of “tell, inform.” In Paul and early Christian literature it usually means “teach, instruct” (Gal 6:6; Lat. catechizare); in contrast to glossolalia, it refers to intelligible speech (1 Cor 14:19; Luke 1:4) such as instruction in the law (Rom 2:18) or in the teaching (“the way”) of the Lord (Acts 18:25). In t…