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Author(s): Skrine, Peter
[English Version] 1.Susanna , (13.8.1820 London – 25.11.1884 Clifton). Aufgewachsen in Manchester, wo sie in das intellektuelle Ambiente der Gaskells und ihres Zirkels eingeführt wurde, eröffnete W. neue spirituelle Horizonte durch die Übers. zweier Hauptwerke der dt. Mystik: die »Theologia Deutsch« (Theologia Germanica, 1854) sowie die Lebensgeschichte und ausgewählte Predigten J. Taulers (History and Life of The Reverend Doctor John Tauler of Strasbourg; with Twenty-Five of his Sermons, 1857). A…

Winkler, Klaus

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Author(s): Skrine, Peter
[German Version] (May 16, 1934, Chemnitz – Jan 7, 2000, Vienna), theologian and psychoanalyst, specializing in pastoral psychology. A student of O. Haendler, Winkler was a founding member of the German Society for Pastoral Psychology. From 1980 to 1997, he was professor of practical theology at the theological semi-¶ nary in Bethel and director of the associated institute for pastoral care. Peter Skrine Bibliography Works include: Seelsorge, 1997, 22000 Grundmuster der Seele. Pastoralpsychologische Perspektiven, ed. Hölscher & M. Klessmann, 2003 Numerous essays on pastoral …


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Author(s): Skrine, Peter | Fraas, Hans-Jürgen
[German Version] 1. Susanna (Aug 13, 1820, London – Nov 25, 1884, Clifton), grew up in Manchester, where she was drawn into the intellectual climate of the Gaskells and their circle. She opened up a new spiritual dimension in 19th-century Britain by translating two key works of German mystical theology, the Theologia Germanica (1854) and History and Life of Johannes Tauler with Twenty-Five of his Sermons (1857). She also translated the Life and Letters of Barthold Niebuhr (B.G. Niebuhr, 1852) and Signs of the Times (1856) and God in History (1868–1870), two works of contemporary rel…