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Author(s): Stollberg, Dietrich
1. Place Christian ethics and moral theology each deal with the shaping of life, individual as well as communal. Yet the whole practice of the church is an expression of the Christian lifestyle. Lifestyle is therefore also a central theme in pastoral theology. Religious instruction and pastoral care especially help to shape a lifestyle that is consonant with faith, adapted to the individual, related to society, and in keeping with the situation. This lifestyle does not have to be equated with middle-class convention or with what is gener…


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Author(s): Stollberg, Dietrich | Fraas, Hans-Jürgen
[English Version] I. Begriff Der Begriff »P.« ist eine wörtl. Übernahme aus der antiken Philos.: τη˜ς ψυχη˜ς ϑεραπει´α/tē´s psychē´s therapei´a (oder ε᾿πιμε´λεια/epime´leia) bedeutet jene – päd. – Fürsorge und Pflege, die nach Plato der unsterblichen Seele gelten soll. Eine direkte bibl. Entsprechung findet sich nicht, jedoch hat der griech. Begriff durch die lat. Übers. (cura animarum) und deren Übertragung ins Dt. im Spät-MA als »Seelsorge« Eingang in unseren Sprachgebrauch gefunden. S. Freud nannte seine P.…


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Author(s): Stollberg, Dietrich | Fraas, Hans-Jürgen
[German Version] I. Terminology The term psychotherapy is a literal borrowing from Greek philosophy: τῆς ψυχῆς ϑεραπεία/ ́ s psychḗ s therapeía (or ἐπιμέλεια/ epiméleia) denoted the (pedagogical) care and nurture that Plato believed the immortal soul required. There is no direct biblical equivalent, but the Greek term entered modern usage through its Latin translation cura animarum (“care/cure of souls”), translated ¶ into the vernacular in the late Middle Ages (cf. Ger. Seelsorge [pastoral care]). S. Freud called his psychotherapy “secular Seelsorge,” and V. Frankl spok…